No Bold Colors, the United States Has Been Neutered

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The following is a guest commentary.  The writer explains why s/he needs to remain anonymous, but wants the public to know what is really happening on the upper levels.  Arizona citizens are doing their best to keep the federal government out of schools, but it’s tough because of the carrot dangling for the schools in the color of money.  Imagine how difficult it is in a state which pushes big government programs–those students don’t have a chance.

Abject, uncompromising fear

In mid-September, I had the privilege of participating in a two-day symposium designed to evaluate parts of the AzMerit testing system for bias and sensitivity. There were about 50 participants.
To say the program was an exercise in political correctness is an understatement.
The evaluators were charged with determining if wording of questions in the Math and the English Language Arts tests could be considered offensive to any students at various levels of the socio-economic income scale or ethnicity.
The symposium leaders were employees of the AZ state school system and federal school system.
Both were politically correct in their thinking and philosophy about education and other topics. That observation is made based upon their comments during the symposium and after an enlightening personal conversation with them after the symposium ended on the first day.

During the discussion, I asked them what was their vision for the future of America. Each refused to answer because they were still on the site of the symposium and they were prohibited from such discussions while on site. Whaddaya think of that?
At first, that seems to be pickin’ the skin a little thin, but when you consider the participants were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they could participate in the symposium, you can see where they were comin’ from. Why is it necessary to agree to secrecy regarding the content of the symposium when you’re evaluating material which is copyrighted and will be used in the public schools? Intimidation? Very puzzling.
For those of you who have read Brave New World, Anthem, and 1984, the scenario will give you the chills. Those novels were written in 1934. Their descriptions of dictatorship are blossoming in today’s societal and political culture. All due to the education system.
When you have politically correct bureaucrats running the education system, you have a right to abject, uncompromising fear, if you still love your liberty and your country. You can see the foundations of our nation being systematically destroyed at its base—our children and grandchildren. These people apparently have no qualms about brainwashing young minds into facile individuals who do not understand our most fundamental founding principles.
It is questionable these bureaucrats understand the meaning of our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution. However… if they have an understanding of those principles, why are they trying to destroy them? Do they not grasp the value of liberty?
If you value your liberty, the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the AzMerit programs should strike abject, uncompromising fear deep into your heart. What is your vision for the future of America? Death by political correctness or life by intellectual creativity? Pax tecum.

The above observations explain why school districts don’t want to offend anyone in this current social culture and a child can be whatever gender they want to be while these outward lies are protected.


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