Memo to Donald Trump: Planned Parenthood Has You Fooled

We assume that everyone reading this website understands the gravity of Planned Parenthood’s “services”.  However, we’ve been reminded there are many who don’t support Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices, but feel the other services they provide are needed.  As long as this is the case, citizens are lulled into accepting Planned Parenthood into their childrens’ lives and schools.

At this writing it’s a presidential election year, thus everyone is hanging on each statement uttered by all candidates for the Oval Office.  It’s clear Marco Rubio makes no excuse for being pro-life, while at the opposite end of the spectrum Hillary Clinton is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and promotes them at every opportunity.

In between Rubio and Clinton, some of the candidates are harder to read.  One of them is Donald Trump.  He has now been quoted at least a couple times defending Planned Parenthood.  Let’s assume Mr. Trump is like most Americans and has fallen for the talented Planned Parenthood marketing machine, propped up by the media and school districts.

Alliance Defending Freedom has put together some videos refuting Planned Parenthood’s slick math and the organization’s scheme to sway people into thinking the country’s females will collapse without them.

Remember when the Center for Medical Progress videos came to light?  Planned Parenthood defended themselves saying abortions are only 3% of its business.  If that were true, why don’t they just drop their abortion services?  Instead Planned Parenthood dug in their heals and sued David Deleidan, the man behind the videos.

Also, based on the misleading math Planned Parenthood uses to arrive at 3%, it becomes evident that another reason they want to pressure kids into using them is that will keep the misleading abortion percentage low.   They can discuss STDs and birth control as they wait for the inevitable “unwanted” pregnancy that will likely occur.  Once she is pregnant she may visit the clinic several times discussing and being screened for the abortion.  Done–all the “services” lead to promiscuity, a girl gets pregnant, she has an abortion, but only one visit is recorded as the abortion. Then the media will prop up Planned Parenthood against those radical right-wing church-going anti-science women haters.

Planned Parenthood’s behavior when women are offered a choice is appalling, especially since its backers are dubbed “Pro-Choice.”  Last year in Arizona, a law was passed that abortion facilities explain to women that early in their pregnancy they may be able to change their mind if they take only the first of two abortion pills (RU-486).  If correct steps are taken soon after the first pill, the abortion may be stopped and the baby then can be carried to full-term.  Instead of embracing more choice, Planned Parenthood sued to stop the new law from taking effect.  Not only does this take away an option, it flies in the face of Planned Parenthood stating they want to lower the abortion rates.   Planned Parenthood also calls this reversal “junk science”, but tell that to the children who survived the intervention.

Two years ago, also in Arizona, a law was passed to allow surprise health inspections at abortion clinics.  One of Planned Parenthood’s arguments for existence is they want to provide a safe alternative to back alley abortions.  One would think they would be thrilled the Arizona legislature cares about the cleanliness of their medical facilities and safety of the patients.  Not so, Planned Parenthood complained.  What are they hiding?

Since Donald Trump is a numbers guy he may enjoy learning how the abortion provider gets its financial results.  Maybe then he will tell Planned Parenthood “You’re Fired.”

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