Wynne Comprehensive Sex Ed, Oh Canada!

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Thanks to a Canadian Twitter follower for sharing a very disturbing Comprehensive Sex Ed Curriculum in Ontario, Canada.  And thanks to Premier Kathleen Wynne for not giving up, even though there was loud public outcry in 2010 (sound familiar Charleston, SC?).

Reviewing Wynne’s path into the schools, there are eerie parallels to the same tactics being used in American school districts by Planned Parenthood and its pushy politicians:  The way it is thrust into the classroom despite parents’ objections, the requirement Catholic schools teach it, and poor media coverage.

If you are reading this and thinking your kids aren’t affected because Wynne is in another country, think again.  The content will appear in your schools, if it hasn’t already.

Imagine that, Planned Parenthood supports Wynne’s curriculum.  Due to the recent videos, Planned Parenthood will be more desperate than ever to create a new, younger market. Lifesite News sums it up well.  Do you think Canadian Planned Parenthoods fly a flag with a PINK maple leaf?

And the icing on the cake, Kathleen Wynne’s education advisor, Benjamin Levin, is doing three years in the Canadian slammer for child porn.  Coincidence he supports a perverted curriculum?

If you live in Ontario, there is information at the bottom of this link to get involved.   Also, follow @endWynneSanity on Twitter to join the army against the Wynne curriculum.



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