What is Wrong with Medically Accurate Information?

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How tired and meaningless are Planned Parenthood’s words “Medically Accurate”?  These words were said repeatedly as Tempe Union High School(TUHSD) debated the use of FLASH (developed by Planned Parenthood) in its 7 high schools.

Sounds good, who disagrees with sharing medically accurate information?  Well, it looks like those who want to hide the truth, like those who are pushing Big Gay.  Recently, Dr. Paul Church, a highly respected urologist from Massachusetts, was expelled from a Harvard-affiliated hospital for explaining the medical dangers of the gay lifestyle.

Dr. Church also reminded the hospital, which promotes LGBT activities, that many of its employees may consider the homosexual lifestyle immoral.  Uh, oh.  Dr. Church may be intelligent, but he broke a serious rule–tolerance is only one-way.

Let’s take this a step further.  Remember when TUHSD discussed gender tolerance and be what you want to be and use whatever bathroom you want during a recent school board meeting?  What happens years from now when a former student has medical and emotional problems that can be traced to the gay/trans lifestyle promoted at school?  How much responsibility will school districts such as TUHSD bear?

We have seen huge legal and financial burdens placed on the Catholic Church for ignoring an internal sexual problem and not nipping it in the bud.  These cases have been tried decades after the deed was done.  Will the same happen to our school districts?  Will any of the current superintendents or board members be available in a the future to testify?  Will any of them be sued?

The writing is on the wall, we know this culture cannot safely continue.  Will at least the threat of an expensive lawsuit scare school administrations into doing the right thing?

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