There Will Be No Unity With Planned Parenthood in the White House

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We were correct. We predicted long ago the 2020 election was about abortion. It wasn’t hard to figure out since the screeching women descended upon the mall in Washington DC shortly after President Trump was inaugurated in 2017. Since then, everything has been about women, men pretending to be women, women pretending to be men, and the men who have been psychologically neutered by the screeching women. Through the last four years, Planned Parenthood never let up for a second. The abortion mill still got gobs of money from the Trump administration one way or another. Even as Republicans campaigned as pro-life, Planned Parenthood continued to receive plenty of our tax money through the back door. All the while, the efforts to take over the nation’s schools was no longer a secret. Here is a recent tweet from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Chair:

If Biden’s Handlers are inaugurated on January 20, 2021, life will be much easier for Planned Parenthood. Our tax dollars will once again come through their front doors; we may as well just take a wad of cash to them right now and get it started. Planned Parenthood will need to fill their war chests after the millions and millions of dollars they spent on political campaigns instead of better care for their patients.

Since the election, we have been told by The Big Guy Biden we are to unify. The media and casual political observers insist Biden will be the unifier. Meanwhile, all eyes are on a few states as their votes are being scrutinized. In Arizona, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs made national news this week when an old tweet surfaced.

This tweet may be old, but it didn’t age well. What does that have to do with Planned Parenthood and unity? They can’t coexist. Here is the token Planned Parenthood donation to Katie Hobbs for her previous campaign:

Maybe Secretary of State Hobbs doesn’t know Planned Parenthood isn’t a unifying organization, no matter who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Check out this artwork that appeared in the dark of night in front of a pregnancy center in Tempe in late October.

Whoever committed this crime by decorating a Tempe sidewalk has pretty good paint can skills. Is this the first time the artist has adorned the property of others or is the artist experienced? Those are real unifying and tolerant messages, aren’t they? Is that what is being taught in those Planned Parenthood inclusive sex ed programs?

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs appears to take any donations she can get. Look at this, another $10,000 all the way from New York!

Who are the Ziffs and why did they care about an Arizona race two years ago? They support violence, you know the kind ignored by most news networks this year. Back in May there was an assault on police in New York City. The Ziffs donated money to the accused to help with his expenses after he was arrested.

So Planned Parenthood’s Katie Hobbs insults Trump and his supporters. The Ziffs in New York donated money to Katie Hobbs AND to someone who attacked New York City police officers. Someone who supports abortion and Planned Parenthood insulted pro-lifers through graffiti in a Tempe neighborhood. Do local schools really want Planned Parenthood in their schools, with the students? When has Planned Parenthood been unifying or tolerant? Finally, since the radical Left wants to defund police, who will Planned Parenthood call to complain about the pro-life prayer warriors outside their abortion mill?


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