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Transgender everything, the phony issue created by a powerful lobbying group, is being pushed by Planned Parenthood, the “non-profit” money-grabbing organization that creates personal and social problems rather than fixes them.

The more chaos Planned Parenthood breeds, the more money they solicit.  The more they represent themselves, the more important they tell us they are.  After all, they are a “women’s healthcare” organization, but they sell procedures and medications which are actually dangerous to women.  We are still waiting for PP to purchase a mammogram machine, you know, the women’s healthcare part.

Lately we have been hearing about bathroom access across the country.  Schools have been hinting at allowing access for the opposite sex in restrooms and locker rooms depending on how a student feels that particular day.  What has changed in the last few years?

Check out GLSEN.  And their reason for existence:

glsen statementInvading your schools and gaining access to your kids, that’s GLSEN’s No.1 goal.  However, look at the statement above.  GLSEN is open to all regardless of sexual identity and expression.  If they are open-minded to all sexual identities, wouldn’t that include heterosexuals?  It appears not, because if you disagree with GLSEN, they don’t want to hear from you:

glsen tweetsGLSEN and Planned Parenthood are perfect partners and their goals of taking over schools and governments has come to fruition.  One of the reasons we are regularly asked to throw money at schools is they are underperforming.  Well, when a school district spends its time and money on social engineering, it is not using that capital for teaching.  But don’t tell anyone that.

Don’t think you are crazy if you send your son or daughter to school and expect them to come home as a son or daughter.  Demand this from your school boards and superintendents.  At what point do these school districts become legally liable for the damage they are causing children and families?

Target Stores have taken the wrath recently for their bathroom policy.  They have plenty of company, here is a list of GLSEN’s sponsors.  Remember them when you are choosing where to spend your money.  And don’t forget how open-minded Disney/ABC is.  This is the same corporation who refuses to air “Catholics Come Home” commercials, labeling them too controversial as explained in the following podcast:

GLSEN’s accomplishment?  Imply to kids in the classroom those Catholics are the oddballs, not the guy who dresses as a girl and can’t decide which restroom to use.


2 Responses to Target Stores–>Transgender–>GLSEN–>Planned Parenthood

  1. Harry May 8, 2016 at 9:08 am #

    more power through more chaos; sounds like a plan straight out of Hell

    • Peggy May 12, 2016 at 12:48 am #

      Oh, they’ve only just begun. Stay tuned!

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