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The Hub of the Globalists: Maricopa County

Part 1, in the beginning: This Arizona update will be different than the past. We are always trying to connect the dots and follow the money. What we are exposing today consists of many levels of many governments, and it is overwhelming to absorb. It is no accident Covid occurred in the year 2020, the […]

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Condom University, AKA The University of Arizona

After noticing some Free Condom Friday advertisements on each table in the University of Arizona’s Student Union last fall, we tried to obtain some additional information.  Ironically, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had also noted the extra-curricular condom activities taking place at some of Arizona’s universities; he referenced just that in a speech in January […]

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Condom Olympics at The University of Arizona

We learned recently from Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, that The University of Arizona has wasted the state’s tax money on the Condom Olympics back in 2014.  Since the event was held in February of that year, it must qualify for the Winter Olympics.  Not only did Arizona taxpayers fund this “athletic” event, the brilliant students […]

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Free Condoms at Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College (MCC) is located in Mesa, Arizona and is part of the Maricopa County Community College System.  It was established in 1965 to serve the rapidly growing area just east of Phoenix at that time.  Currently there are close to 26,000 students enrolled. Recently there was a controversial program held at MCC.  One […]

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University of Arizona Professor Advocates for LGBTQ Studies in ELEMENTARY Schools

The University of Arizona, well-known for its science programs including medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, and astronomy, has a professor on staff who is changing science while using second-graders as her puppets and Arizona taxpayers as her funding source. Professor Kristin Gunckel is a faculty member in the Teaching and Teacher Education program at the University of Arizona.   […]

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Mystery Abortuary Money Pit to be Augmented with UA Medical School Residents

Normally this site is dedicated to highlighting those dedicated to corrupting school age children with Planned Parenthood and its agenda.  Currently there is a situation in Arizona involving graduate students at The University of Arizona.  Because these are students being trained with state revenue, the situation needs to be addressed. Ironically the drama surrounding Desert Star Family […]

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