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Another Government Arm Sends Kids to Planned Parenthood, This Time it’s Tucson Unified School District

Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) has been flirting with adding Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum to its schools over the past year.  For now, the Sex Ed Committee is meeting and pondering what direction to go, as many parents spoke out against the abortion mill and Comprehensive Sex Ed back in June.  However, it seems the District has already included […]

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Planned Parenthood Follows Lead of Nazi Indoctrination Through Education, Will Tucson Say NO?

In a recent post we described Tucson Unified Schools Board President Adelita Grijalva’s Planned Parenthood appointments to the new Sex Ed Committee.  Her partner on the governing board, Kristel Foster, has made a curious appointment herself.  Ms. Foster has been vocal about her disagreement with the State of Arizona’s statute mandating heterosexual relationships be taught as […]

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Tucson Schools Select Planned Parenthood Reps for Sex Ed Committee

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.   As usual, Planned Parenthood successfully managed to get four representatives to sit on Tucson Unified Schools (TUSD) new Sex Ed committee, because, you know, sex has changed so much since 2006 the curriculum agenda needs to be updated.  The easiest, cheapest way to gain repeat customers in Planned […]

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Planned Parenthood Kids and Their Inaccurate Marching Orders

It’s often stated the youth of today are the pro-life generation because they have access to ultrasounds that weren’t in existence years ago.  Not only is there a clear window on the tiny baby in utero, these kids are directly affected by their missing siblings, aunts, and uncles due to the abortions of family members. […]

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Tucson’s Eric Schindler Rounds Up Support to Keep His Gravy Train Rolling

When it was learned Tucson Unified Schools were flirting with Planned Parenthood, many parents and taxpayers reacted with passionate emails to the school board requesting they leave controversial and personal information for parents to teach.  There must have been enough pushback to alarm not only Planned Parenthood, but Dr. Eric Schindler, the President and CEO of […]

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Tucson Unified Gets Pushback from Concerned Parents

It was supposed to be easy.  Nobody was supposed to be looking.  Planned Parenthood Arizona’s education arm is local and many families are out of town on vacation.  There are at least two Planned Parenthood accomplices on the Tucson Unified School Board, Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster. When the school board starting receiving emails against […]

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Your Kids Are Planned Parenthood’s Cheap Labor

Many industries visit colleges and sometimes high schools to talk with students and recruit potential employees.  This not only helps the particular organization fill empty positions, but it is also good advertising as it gives the students the opportunity to learn about various businesses they may be interested in working for at a later date. […]

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