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Boy Scouts Ignores Science and Buckles to Pressure

One by one, conventional, time-honored organizations are falling prey to the unwritten rule they must accommodate everything except long-standing values.  We have documented the decline of Girls Scouts as they embrace Planned Parenthood.  At least parents of boys still had an extra-curricular option, but no more. Recently Boy Scouts announced they will be accepting transgender children into their troops.  […]

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Coming to a School Near You

The term “medically correct” touted by Planned Parenthood and its allies to promote Comprehensive Sex Ed is such a farce.  It’s really tiring to hear these terms and then see what these organizations actually do. Transgender Awareness Month gives schools an opportunity to change the English language and the sciences, that’s a great bang for […]

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Clergy, We Can’t Hear You!

Unfortunately every situation in the United States and around the world is being politicized.  What were once clear moral issues have become divisive political issues.  It’s not that those who defend Judeo-Christian values tried to politicize issues, but instead the government meddled as usual and reared its ugly head where it shouldn’t (read the Constitution) and thus, everything […]

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