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Another All Hands on Deck: Tempe Public Library

We have just been notified there are some controversial books in the Tempe Public Library to which children have access. Of course we believe in the First Amendment. However, as adults we have the responsibility to notify taxpayers about how their money is being spent and what children are being exposed to with that money. […]

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Arizona Legislator Commits Heresy Against the Catholic Church During the Legislative Session

Tempe strikes again.  This is the city whose elected Councilmembers try to run it like Berkeley, California.  It is also one of the suburbs of Phoenix where there is a Planned Parenthood who does surgical abortions.  In the last year, the “clinic” relocated from the shadows of Arizona State University to a middle-class neighborhood in the […]

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If Planned Parenthood is in Your Schools, So Are the Following:

Those who have been watching Planned Parenthood over the years weren’t surprised they were partners in the Women’s March the day after President Trump was inaugurated.  They also aren’t surprised Planned Parenthood is spending millions to advertise on television and elsewhere asking people to tell Congress to keep the organization funded.  (If Planned Parenthood is so […]

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2016 Arizona State Senate Candidate Sean Bowie Endorses Planned Parenthood

We can’t forget there are contests this year that are actually more important than the race for the Oval Office.  Local elections, from school board to state legislatures, have a huge impact on our everyday lives and families despite the fact they don’t draw television ratings. As notinourschools.net learns of candidates who are supported by Planned […]

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Arizona Statute Ignored in Tempe

There was quite a flurry of activity in early 2016 at the Arizona state legislature as elected officials attempted to reward Planned Parenthood for their political financial assistance and endorsements.  It’s a wonder so much energy is spent to undo the state’s pro-life and pro-family legislation when local districts are breaking current law right before our eyes and getting […]

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