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Document Sent Home by Tempe Elementary Should Have Arizona Residents Concerned

Many families have been troubled for some time about the data mining occurring in the schools.  More and more required testing along with on-line curriculum access has left many wondering what the government and school districts might be doing with the information.  Of course states and school districts want to track students’ scores and proficiency, […]

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Tempe Elementary Schools Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Discusses Birth Control…..and Guns

Recently we paid a visit to the Tempe Elementary School District to review their sex ed program.  Tempe’s elementary district feeds into Tempe Union High Schools (TUHSD) which uses Planned Parenthood’s FLASH curriculum.  We wanted to see if FLASH had snuck into the younger grades. It must be noted that everyone we had contact with, either through […]

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Arizona Department of Education Website Sends Readers to Planned Parenthood–Updated

Recently Tempe (AZ) Elementary Schools offered Human Growth and Development at various schools.  The Tempe Elementary District teaches students in kindergarten-8th grade, and this district feeds into the Tempe Union High School District. Upon visiting Tempe Elementary’s website, it states they use curriculum “which adheres to the Arizona Department of Education guidelines for human growth and development […]

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Will Anything Ever Change in Tempe Politics?

Writing any post about politics in Tempe, Arizona pretty much involves copying and pasting an old article and changing the name of the politician.  This gets repetitive (and boring), but we will keep beating the drum.  The Arizona Democratic Party will continue to groom  one-issue candidates who campaign “for the children”, but really are funded by identity politics.  Ms. Trejo’s […]

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