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Cave Creek Schools LGBTQ Sex Ed is Driven in Part by the City of Scottsdale

The general public is being fed a narrative that the country, especially school-age children, are just not tolerant enough.  We are told Whites are racist and Believers are homophobic.  We are told the bullying towards the multitudes of LGBTQXYZ students in schools is unprecedented and needs to be addressed, right now. Yet we elected an African-American […]

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Keeping up with the Schapiras, Scottsdale Has its Double-Duty Planned Parenthood Representative

Living in Arizona, there is often talk about having a house in a “Scottsdale Zip Code.”  Planned Parenthood has bought in to that, endorsing former Scottsdale School Board Member Dr. Eric Meyer, as he successfully ran for a seat in the Arizona legislature. See this quote from his interview with Planned Parenthood: The most fundamental, basic first step to breaking […]

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