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Does Federal Law Override Governor Ducey’s Veto of SB1456?

It took DCJoe and his handlers’ dismantling of our country’s foundation to rock parents enough to finally get involved in their children’s education. Daily we are hearing reports of what the kids are faced with either in the classroom or on their computer during online learning. Last week Arizonans were shocked when Republican-in-Name-Only Governor Doug […]

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Governor Ducey Approves Sexual Grooming of Children

Yesterday we mentioned Governor Doug Ducey vetoed a bill which would have not only mandated curriculum transparency but also protected children in kindergarten though fourth grade from being exposed to sex ed taught by a stranger. We planned to address his surprise veto in a future post. However, this article does it for us. Pay […]

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Payoffs for Sex Ed in Arizona Schools

The sex-crazed Left was very upset parents worked with the Arizona Legislature to create a curriculum transparency bill and prevent children in kindergarten through fourth grade from learning about sex and LGBTQ agendas from someone other than family. The bill, SB1456, passed both the Arizona House and Senate and landed on Governor Doug Ducey’s desk. […]

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