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Phoenix Union High Schools Invited Planned Parenthood to Teach Their Students

Because Phoenix Union High Schools (PUHSD) was not up front with us when we requested to review their sex ed curriculum, we chose to obtain information through Freedom of Information requests.  After a three month plus wait, we received a whopping (not really) 16 pages of emails dated June 2014-November of 2014.  The request was for any interaction […]

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Flagstaff, AZ Sex Ed Programs Circumvent State Law

The Comprehensive Sex Ed/Planned Parenthood for-lots-of-profit industry rakes in millions of dollars, many of them from our taxes, so they can employ top-notch strategists to skirt local laws.  Not to be outdone by their desert counterparts, some in Flagstaff, Arizona have found a way to teach Comprehensive Sex Education to minors despite state restrictions. Meet Rachel Billowitz, […]

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Your Kids Are Planned Parenthood’s Cheap Labor

Many industries visit colleges and sometimes high schools to talk with students and recruit potential employees.  This not only helps the particular organization fill empty positions, but it is also good advertising as it gives the students the opportunity to learn about various businesses they may be interested in working for at a later date. […]

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Creighton School Board Members May Be Trained for Office by Planned Parenthood

In previous posts we have discussed Planned Parenthood’s presence in Creighton Schools (Phoenix) despite SB1009 being the law of the land in Arizona.  It is not a surprise how we got to this point–more school board members supported by Planned Parenthood.  But Planned Parenthood was involved before some of these members ran for office. Emerge […]

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Planned Parenthood Aids Jill Humpherys Re-Election to Gilbert School Board

Politicians find out who their friends really are when they run for office.  Such was the case with Jill Humpherys, incumbent Gilbert School Board member, when she ran for re-election in November 2014. Gilbert School Board had a 3-2 conservative majority heading into that election.  This is not a surprise, the bedroom community east of Phoenix was settled by […]

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Tucson–Watch Your Kids Around Child & Family Resources, Inc.

As reported in a previous article, Tucson and Pima County are under the watchful eye of the Obama administration, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Planned Parenthood.   Planned Parenthood has marched right in to Sunnyside School District in the southern area of Tucson with the help of a complicit school board and “free” money from […]

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Arizona Law vs. Planned Parenthood in Tempe High Schools

To confirm the Tempe Union High School District’s invitation to Planned Parenthood, I sent an email to the chair of the “Sex Education Committee”, Zita Johnson.  Ms. Johnson is a former school board member and retired administrator/teacher at the child study lab at Arizona State University.  She has an admirable resume, who better to lead this group?  […]

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