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Drag Queens, Coffee, and Save Our Schools Arizona

Earlier this year, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program to all students. A group called Save Our Schools Arizona, which is opposed to school choice, mounted a petition drive over the summer to put the ESA issue on the ballot in hopes it would be defeated by […]

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Red for Ed and the Media–>Political Power

For years we have listened to exasperation that the media is one-sided and nothing can be done about it. There are options, the easiest is don’t turn on the local news, ever. National shows aren’t much better, and that includes Fox News during most time slots. It’s important to realize the Mainstream Media, also known […]

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Save Our Schools Arizona and Politicking

There are several laws which govern 501c3 non-profit organizations. Most groups are very careful to follow the law, but then there is Big Education. In Arizona, Save Our Schools Arizona (SOS) gained notoriety when they formed to lobby for increased “education” funding. It seems to have worked since the Republican Governor and Legislature obey their […]

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Save Our Schools Arizona=Save Planned Parenthood Arizona

Update 4-19-21: Why are teachers so bent on talking about sex with their students? In addition, some of these teachers are trying to politically influence students while on the government dime: In 2018, Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office ignored many reports of Red for Ed teachers politicking on school property and during school hours. Some […]

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GOP Lawmaker’s School Health Plan Bill on Hold

Thanks to our readers and those who contacted Arizona Senators on the Senate Education Committee regarding Senator Heather Carter’s bill, SB1169, which will allow schools and the Arizona Department of Education to oversee student healthcare. Also thanks to Arizona residents who are using the Request to Speak option to electronically state their positions on pending […]

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