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Drag Queens, Coffee, and Save Our Schools Arizona

Earlier this year, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program to all students. A group called Save Our Schools Arizona, which is opposed to school choice, mounted a petition drive over the summer to put the ESA issue on the ballot in hopes it would be defeated by […]

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The Devil Went Down to Texas

It is assumed Texas and Florida are the go-to states for those who cherish the Constitution and traditional values. Unfortunately no place is safe from evil, and this time it’s a Texas school which is dabbling with Satan. And this time he was on display for all to see. Recently the Cedar Ridge High School […]

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Education Inspired by the Devil

There is no way to deny it anymore. The Democrats, the Party of Death, is Satanic. The ghoulish globalists have brought Satan to the forefront and the relationship between the Democrat Party and evil principles can no longer be ignored. As far as Arizona, we have our own radical liberals who pretend to like kids, […]

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Planned Parenthood’s Deceptive “Safety” Protocols

Arizona’s largest group of abortion chambers celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a nifty fundraiser held in both Tucson and Phoenix titled “Abortion is Essential.” Abortion really is essential or Planned Parenthood management may lose their jobs if they don’t sell enough, like Dr. Leana Wen did just a few years ago. The former Planned Parenthood […]

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Arizona Pro-Life Leader Secured $1.5 Million, Some of Which May Feed Planned Parenthood Allies

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” President Ronald Reagan warned about that terrifying statement. He was correct, ask any parent trying to manipulate the public education system right now. We have another problem in Arizona, or maybe we should say an existing problem just got bigger thanks to a government handout. For […]

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