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Your Tax Money Advertises for Planned Parenthood Candidates

We hear so much about dark money pouring into the political process.  Both sides of the political spectrum blame the other for those mysterious contributions to buy advertising during prime time and influence elections.  Political non-profits are not legally bound to reveal their donors.  Super PACs are legally required to disclose their donors, but they […]

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Arizona Mayors Support Planned Parenthood

Recently five Arizona mayors sent a letter to Washington, D.C. urging Congress to continue to fund the beleaguered Planned Parenthood organization.  Unfortunately these mayors didn’t check with their constituents, many of whom just voted in November to bring some fiscal sense back to the federal government.  They joined with 101 other mayors to sign the letter.  […]

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Programs Like These Are Why Many Would Like an Occasional Government Shutdown

It has become a regular occurrence in Washington, DC.–the government may shut down if additional funding isn’t passed.  The Democrats whine and the Republicans use the ploy to fundraise.  Like clockwork, a continuing resolution is passed and we Americans can sleep easy.  Phew, another crisis averted! We sure wouldn’t want to end some of these “necessary” programs.  For […]

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