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Is Sahuarita School District in Arizona Breaking Arizona Law by Promoting the LGBTQ Lifestyle as Normal?

Arizona’s Legislators work extremely hard to keep the state’s public and charter schools safe by promoting traditional family values that have proven successful over the course of history, only to have all their work undone right under their noses. In southern Arizona, there is a small town by the name of Sahuarita, located in Pima County […]

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Boy Scouts Ignores Science and Buckles to Pressure

One by one, conventional, time-honored organizations are falling prey to the unwritten rule they must accommodate everything except long-standing values.  We have documented the decline of Girls Scouts as they embrace Planned Parenthood.  At least parents of boys still had an extra-curricular option, but no more. Recently Boy Scouts announced they will be accepting transgender children into their troops.  […]

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Schools Are Used to Hijack the Rainbow

There was a time a couple images consistently came to mind at the site of a rainbow.  The first is nature’s rainbow in the sky after a rain.  Little kids run to their parents and exclaim what they saw in the sky, describing the colors and how far across the sky the arc spanned.  And […]

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Planned Parenthood and GLSEN: Drop the “Medically Accurate” Buzzwords Because You’re Not

Every time Planned Parenthood goes door to door peddling their corrupt and perverted sex education curriculums they preface their sales pitch with the words “medically accurate.”  That sounds great for news clips and media talking heads who are either too lazy to research their statement or are directed by their higher ups not to confront the abortion […]

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Target Stores–>Transgender–>GLSEN–>Planned Parenthood

Transgender everything, the phony issue created by a powerful lobbying group, is being pushed by Planned Parenthood, the “non-profit” money-grabbing organization that creates personal and social problems rather than fixes them. The more chaos Planned Parenthood breeds, the more money they solicit.  The more they represent themselves, the more important they tell us they are.  […]

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College Genetics Class Didn’t Mess With Science

In Genetics class one of the basic lessons is the chromosomal make-up of a baby.  XX–>you got a girl, and XY–>it’s a boy.  It’s very simple and very, very rarely is there an abnormality in this equation. When an agenda is pushed, the best avenue for success is to change definitions and facts, say it enough, and […]

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