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Gay Pride Appears in Christian School’s Math Lesson

Some parents have spoken to their school boards because they fear the possibility of porn being downloaded on the children’s electronic devices the districts are forcing the kids to use for lessons.  District officials normally don’t seem too concerned, saying their IT  people have prevented that possibility. Nevertheless, many parents are choosing parochial schools, assuming […]

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Too Graphic for Your Kids to Watch at Home–No Worries, They’ll Catch the Material in School

The soft, flowery language spoken by educators and Planned Parenthood to purposely mislead parents into agreeing to sex education in schools is turned upside down by Family Watch International. We are coerced into going along to get along.  Kids don’t want their parents showing up at school, let alone causing a stir.  Parents are afraid […]

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Family Watch International

This letter says it all.  Please read this request and sign up for Sharon Slater’s newsletter.  She works on promoting families and stopping the Planned Parenthood agenda on an international level.  And she is moving mountains. Sharon is a suburban mom.  See what one person can do?    

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College Genetics Class Didn’t Mess With Science

In Genetics class one of the basic lessons is the chromosomal make-up of a baby.  XX–>you got a girl, and XY–>it’s a boy.  It’s very simple and very, very rarely is there an abnormality in this equation. When an agenda is pushed, the best avenue for success is to change definitions and facts, say it enough, and […]

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