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Coming to a School Near You

The term “medically correct” touted by Planned Parenthood and its allies to promote Comprehensive Sex Ed is such a farce.  It’s really tiring to hear these terms and then see what these organizations actually do. Transgender Awareness Month gives schools an opportunity to change the English language and the sciences, that’s a great bang for […]

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Utah and the LDS Church, You Are Also Being Pursued

There doesn’t seem to be a “safe zone” for anyone who wants to send their child to a simple public school to obtain a traditional education based on the three “R”s.  Everyday we are bombarded with another article about some radical agenda, porn, and Sex Ed in schools being run by our tax dollars. Since […]

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Schools Are Immune to Obscenity Laws but You Can Take Charge

Think about what would happen if a member of your family stood across the street from the local school and showed kids the material many students are exposed to in Health Sex Ed class.  They would be arrested and told they should never be around children.  But if a teacher or Planned Parenthood representative shares the same pictures and details under […]

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It’s Not Comprehensive, There Is A Missing Piece

School districts make themselves feel better by describing their Sex Ed curriculums as “Comprehensive.”  This way parents feel the subject is thoroughly explained.  (Although when we refer to Comprehensive Sex Ed, a lot is often way more than enough.) Regardless, there is a clear component missing from Tempe Union High School’s FLASH curriculum.  While the […]

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Your Tax Money Is Promoting Disrespect From The Students

You think your high school students are learning about reproduction in Comprehensive Sex Ed classes?  Well, reproduction is taught in Biology and Anatomy classes.  So what is the need to do double-duty and teach it again in Health Classes? The only reason is so Planned Parenthood and other government entities can get a hold of […]

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Charleston, SC Parents Did Their Homework Over the Summer

Charleston parents have been battling Comprehensive Sex Ed in their district for years.  The Board didn’t give up pushing the curriculum while masking the content, but thankfully the taxpayers also have not given up. For now, Charleston families have a reprieve and hopefully some reasonable options will come to fruition. Mary McLellan and her neighbors in South […]

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SIECUS–a 6-Letter Word to Avoid

Remember the idea of local school districts, local control, and the school down the street that is the pillar of your neighborhood? Now we are faced with a tug of war between parents and the federal government over who is in charge of school curriculum, in every topic.  We have seen this with No Child Left […]

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Wynne Comprehensive Sex Ed, Oh Canada!

  Thanks to a Canadian Twitter follower for sharing a very disturbing Comprehensive Sex Ed Curriculum in Ontario, Canada.  And thanks to Premier Kathleen Wynne for not giving up, even though there was loud public outcry in 2010 (sound familiar Charleston, SC?). Reviewing Wynne’s path into the schools, there are eerie parallels to the same […]

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Would School Districts be Okay if Third Reich Supporters Developed WW2 Curriculum?

Slowly our society is recognizing the  parallels between abortion and Nazi Germany.  It has been almost an unwritten rule to compare anything with the reckless killing of Jews and others 70+ years ago. As the Center for Medical Progress releases the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, we can no longer ignore the realities of what is really going […]

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