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The High and Mighty

Never let a crisis go to waste.  Planned Parenthood can turn anything into an opportunity to sway the culture while picking up a wad of cash in a fundraising effort.  Like many deceiving politicians, they put on a veil of ethics and wear it just long enough to post a comment on Facebook or send a tweet.  Then […]

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Flagstaff, AZ Sex Ed Programs Circumvent State Law

The Comprehensive Sex Ed/Planned Parenthood for-lots-of-profit industry rakes in millions of dollars, many of them from our taxes, so they can employ top-notch strategists to skirt local laws.  Not to be outdone by their desert counterparts, some in Flagstaff, Arizona have found a way to teach Comprehensive Sex Education to minors despite state restrictions. Meet Rachel Billowitz, […]

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DON’T VOTE for Veekas Shrivastava for Tempe Elementary Schools

Yes, you read that correctly, this time it’s an elementary school district that is threatened.  Veekas Shrivastava is a Planned Parenthood sympathizer who is seeking a seat on a local school board for a second time.  Two years ago, he unsuccessfully ran for Tempe Union High Schools (TUHSD) governing board, this year he’s trying for the […]

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Planned Parenthood Kids and Their Inaccurate Marching Orders

It’s often stated the youth of today are the pro-life generation because they have access to ultrasounds that weren’t in existence years ago.  Not only is there a clear window on the tiny baby in utero, these kids are directly affected by their missing siblings, aunts, and uncles due to the abortions of family members. […]

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Tucson’s Eric Schindler Rounds Up Support to Keep His Gravy Train Rolling

When it was learned Tucson Unified Schools were flirting with Planned Parenthood, many parents and taxpayers reacted with passionate emails to the school board requesting they leave controversial and personal information for parents to teach.  There must have been enough pushback to alarm not only Planned Parenthood, but Dr. Eric Schindler, the President and CEO of […]

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School Superintendents Caught in Planned Parenthood’s Crosshairs

Planned Parenthood wants to give the public the impression that district superintendents are embracing their presence in the school districts. While that’s true in some instances, it’s not true in every district. Just in the last few weeks, notinourschools has verified some superintendents in Arizona do not want Planned Parenthood around nor do they want to be backed into […]

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Planned Parenthood and GLSEN: Drop the “Medically Accurate” Buzzwords Because You’re Not

Every time Planned Parenthood goes door to door peddling their corrupt and perverted sex education curriculums they preface their sales pitch with the words “medically accurate.”  That sounds great for news clips and media talking heads who are either too lazy to research their statement or are directed by their higher ups not to confront the abortion […]

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Creighton Schools Didn’t Ask Teachers if They Want to be Planned Parenthood Surrogates

Creighton School District parents were loosely notified of the plan to thrust Planned Parenthood on their children, and it appears teachers haven’t been asked if they are comfortable presenting material for the nation’s largest abortion provider. It seems Creighton district officials don’t know they are part of an ongoing saga in Progressive education.  Recently, Planned Parenthood and Creighton organized an […]

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