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Two Planned Parenthood Candidates Hope to Swing SE Phoenix/Tempe District Pink

Arizona’s Legislative District 18 is being targeted by the state Democratic Party this fall; their hope is to replace two of the three current Republicans in the legislature with Planned Parenthood candidates.  None of this is a surprise.  Arizona’s Democratic Party’s strategy is to market their candidates as the “Education” candidates.  It’s a great strategy because who doesn’t want Arizona’s […]

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Will Anything Ever Change in Tempe Politics?

Writing any post about politics in Tempe, Arizona pretty much involves copying and pasting an old article and changing the name of the politician.  This gets repetitive (and boring), but we will keep beating the drum.  The Arizona Democratic Party will continue to groom  one-issue candidates who campaign “for the children”, but really are funded by identity politics.  Ms. Trejo’s […]

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Pro-Life Democrat Catherine Miranda vs. Her Stepdaughter

Finally, we have a leader in the Democrat Party in Arizona.  Finally, we have a Hispanic representative in Arizona, elected on the Democratic ticket, who has chosen the truth over money. Thank you to Senator Catherine Miranda (LD27)  for standing up to Planned Parenthood despite pressure from her political party and her own family.  What […]

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