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Another Government Arm Sends Kids to Planned Parenthood, This Time it’s Tucson Unified School District

Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) has been flirting with adding Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum to its schools over the past year.  For now, the Sex Ed Committee is meeting and pondering what direction to go, as many parents spoke out against the abortion mill and Comprehensive Sex Ed back in June.  However, it seems the District has already included […]

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Does He or Doesn’t He Love Planned Parenthood?

Even though it’s an off-year for elections, there is no time to relax. “Non-profit” Planned Parenthood is in a desperate mode as they ponder what they will do without the $1.3 million/day they receive from our paychecks. At the same time, 4-d ultrasounds leave no doubt in a young mother’s mind as to whether she is […]

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Make Arizona Gay Again Says “Pro-Education” State Senator

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is either met with cheers by supporters or criticism by opponents.  Ironically, a local Arizona State Senator and Hillary Clinton supporter found the saying good enough to borrow, sort of. Newly-elected Senator Sean Bowie was successfully groomed to grab one of three seats in Legislative District […]

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Two Planned Parenthood Candidates Hope to Swing SE Phoenix/Tempe District Pink

Arizona’s Legislative District 18 is being targeted by the state Democratic Party this fall; their hope is to replace two of the three current Republicans in the legislature with Planned Parenthood candidates.  None of this is a surprise.  Arizona’s Democratic Party’s strategy is to market their candidates as the “Education” candidates.  It’s a great strategy because who doesn’t want Arizona’s […]

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We Need Feminists to Protect Students From Planned Parenthood

Almost every Democrat female candidate for all levels of political office have sold their souls and taken money and support from Planned Parenthood.  The talking points are predictable and attempt to center around women:  Women’s Health, Women’s Choices, Feminism, Women’s Rights, etc.  The tactic of course is to court female voters and guilt men into voting for them.  […]

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Follow Eric Meyer (Arizona Senate) Planned Parenthood’s Money Trail

A quick glance of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Twitter feed reveals one thing:  Sex Education for all ages, mandated by the state of Arizona, LGBTQXYZ is the way to be, and anything short of this is failure. Planned Parenthood Arizona’s Twitter is a never-ending list of their endorsements and an occasional reference to those bad candidates […]

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Christmas in August, There are More Pro-Life Democrats in Politics: Hernandez, Cantu, and Chavez in West Phoenix

We remember the unbelievable scene at the 2012 Democratic Convention when God had to beg to be put in the Party platform.  Couple that with the Planned Parenthood take over of the current White House and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.   Is every Democrat pro-abortion?  Is every female Democrat politician in support of hurting women?  And what about […]

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Arizona’s, Pendergast Schools, and Planned Parenthood’s Representative Martin Quezada

As predicted, Martin Quezada, a Planned Parenthood endorsed legislative candidate, sponsored a bill in the Arizona legislature to promote something near and dear to Planned Parenthood’s heart:  LBGTQXYZ in state-funded government schools. Martin Quezada is pulling double-duty for Planned Parenthood by representing Arizona’s District 29 (Glendale and West Phoenix) and also as a member of the […]

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