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Red for Ed and the Media–>Political Power

For years we have listened to exasperation that the media is one-sided and nothing can be done about it. There are options, the easiest is don’t turn on the local news, ever. National shows aren’t much better, and that includes Fox News during most time slots. It’s important to realize the Mainstream Media, also known […]

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College Genetics Class Didn’t Mess With Science

In Genetics class one of the basic lessons is the chromosomal make-up of a baby.  XX–>you got a girl, and XY–>it’s a boy.  It’s very simple and very, very rarely is there an abnormality in this equation. When an agenda is pushed, the best avenue for success is to change definitions and facts, say it enough, and […]

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AZ Teachers Union Married to Planned Parenthood

Want to run for office?  Great, if you support Comprehensive Sex Ed in the classroom, Arizona has an opportunity for you! Isn’t it interesting the Arizona Education Association has partnered with the Pink People for candidate training?  How smooth!  Planned Parenthood gets $1 million/day in tax revenue alone.  The AEA gets money from YOUR children’s […]

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