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Satanists are Out of the Closet: It’s Abortions They Want

Little did we know when we posted the relationship between the Satanic Temple and Arizona State Representative Athena Salman the abortion lobby would back us up. Recently Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Unfortunately, many on the Left were more concerned about their future abortions than Justice Ginsburg’s soul or the loss her family, […]

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More Disturbing News From the Girl Scouts

We have discussed the state of Girl Scouts and their administration in a previous post. We want to thank the Education Action Network for this article which reveals more sad news about the direction Girl Scouts has gone over the last several decades.  It’s curious that some of the links are no longer working; did GSA […]

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Obamacare’s Access to Your School Nurse and More

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we’d have to read the “Affordable” Care Act bill to see what is in it? That is one of the few statements she has made that is truthful.  While employers, people of faith, health insurance companies, and doctors navigate Obamacare’s muddy waters, the Department of Education got an invite into […]

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Would School Districts be Okay if Third Reich Supporters Developed WW2 Curriculum?

Slowly our society is recognizing the  parallels between abortion and Nazi Germany.  It has been almost an unwritten rule to compare anything with the reckless killing of Jews and others 70+ years ago. As the Center for Medical Progress releases the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, we can no longer ignore the realities of what is really going […]

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Well, Tempe Union High School Board, We Were Wrong

Throughout 2014, many Tempe residents expressed concern to the School Board about Tempe Union High School’s (TUHSD) pending adoption of Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed agenda.  We felt Planned Parenthood’s invasiveness was to maintain their clientele base, as many of these students would feed into Arizona State University up the road and most abortions are done on […]

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Why Planned Parenthood Does Not Promote Pregnancy and Adoption (no matter what they tell you)

Businesses love repeat customers.  It’s imperative for Planned Parenthood’s bottom line that they keep the merry-go-round going.  Remember Proofs in Geometry class in high school?  It goes something like this: Comprehensive Sex Ed in the schools (as young as kindergarten)–> Normalize sex before marriage and whatever makes you feel good–> Don’t want to talk to […]

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