Senator Martin Quezada and His Pathogens

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Everything we are dealing with on a day to day basis still seems to revolve around the Corona Virus. Of course, the virus has been politicized by all sides and especially those who can score political points.

Arizona is no different. On May 8, 2020, Arizona’s State Senate met to decide whether to reconvene the session that was cut short earlier this Spring. And what a show we were treated to. Of special note is one of our favorite senators, Martin Quezada from District 29. He claims to represent the values of many of the Hispanic community; little do they know he does just the opposite.

Let’s not forget what Senator Quezada has supported in the past as an Arizona state senator:

With that in mind, check out Senator Martin Quezada at the 1:58:50 mark. He asks what each person’s personal responsibility should look like. The Senator proceeded to complain about the protesters outside without masks and the 13 fellow Senate members present in the chamber who chose not to wear masks. Somehow these people were infecting his elderly father at the gas station while they were at the Senate hearing. For this reason, Senator Quezada declared Arizona needs a heavy hand of government.

At the 2:00:25 mark Senator Quezada continued his diatribe, complaining those not wearing masks could have affected his nieces and nephews. Hold on there, buckaroo. How many decisions has the Senator made that have detrimentally affected thousands of school children in Arizona? How about the decision to teach children any kind of sexual lifestyle is acceptable, no matter the child’s age or the values being taught in the home? There is no doubt sex between men puts them at risk of developing AIDs. Evidently that disease is acceptable to the Senator.

What about his promotion of sex for children as a member of the Pendergast Schools Governing Board? The curriculum Quezada supported was written by a publishing arm of Planned Parenthood.

How about last June when Senator Quezada was writing new sex ed standards to be voted on by the Arizona State Board of Education? Here is a synopsis of how Arizona parents spent their 2019 summer fighting back after Quezada and a host of others opened up all kinds of sexual opportunities for children. Here is a paragraph of note from the Breitbart article:

What? Senator Quezada wants children to learn about deviant and unusual sex acts during school hours in school buildings? This is okay but healthy people not wearing a mask requires the “heavy hand of government?” Rest assured, the families of color (Quezada’s words) in his district have no idea what he is up to. Here is more:

Quezada failed to mention that as children and teens practice deviant and unusual sex acts they then run to Planned Parenthood for STD treatment and abortions. STDs must also be acceptable in his mind. Of course, if the students were taught “personal responsibility”, Planned Parenthood’s business would decline as would the support they give the Senator.

During Senator Quezada’s show on the Senate floor, he had quite a time with his own mask.

Ironically, when folks wearing masks touch their faces repeatedly they ultimately end up exposing others to their germs. Senator Quezada had such a hard time with his mask, it appears he never wore one before. It didn’t fit right, it didn’t remain over his nose and mouth, so therefore he spread a lot of germs to his father who was filling up the gas tank and his nieces and nephews who weren’t at the hearing.

Senator Quezada was so clumsy with his mask; did he grab one before the hearing for empathy? Hopefully the May 8th mask worn for the Senate hearing is the only mask we will see Senator Quezada don. When deviant and abnormal sexual behavior is taught to children, these are the masks often worn:

Don’t forget your “personal responsibility” Senator Quezada.

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