Tempe District and Politicians

Tempe, AZ (Tempe Union High School District TUHSD)

Do not pay attention to party affiliation. Most school board members are rubber stamps for spending money, Comprehensive Sex Ed, and approving new textbooks again and again.

Guilty as charged:

Superintendent Kenneth Baca–Rumor has it he is a devout Catholic. If so, why did he lecture those who fought Planned Parenthood, lied to the media when asked if Planned Parenthood was invited to the district, and criticized those who recorded and wrote about his behavior? Why did Dr. Baca cover for this abortion mill?

Why does Superintendent Baca, who is hired by the Board, sit with the Board during meetings?  He serves them, yet the members often defer to him.  This is backwards; the Superintendent should not be giving the appearance being equal to or higher than the TUHSD Governing Board.

Dr. Baca paid no attention to the public outcry throughout 2014, instead he made excuses and accused the citizens of being misinformed.  The decision to partner with Planned Parenthood was likely already made, and the taxpayers who were awakened were causing Dr. Baca’s train to derail.

Does he get kickbacks to add to his taxpayer-funded $167,000 salary?  Just asking, I really don’t know.  But if somebody does know………

Sandy Lowe–

Mrs. Lowe never declines a chance to hem and haw. She is a perfect example of a big government, high spending Democrat, I mean registered Republican.

Unfortunately, she was quoted as saying she reviewed the hundreds of pages of pending Sex Ed curriculum in just a few hours. Wow, she’s a speed reader! Does that include all the videos and links that were not available for the public to review?

In truth, we know Mrs. Lowe doesn’t really review proposed material. Planned Parenthood’s cheerleader, fellow Board member David Schapira (who received campaign donations from Planned Parenthood), breathed down Mrs. Lowe’s back each meeting, and she just couldn’t say no to this controversial material.

By the way, Mrs. Lowe is up for re-election in 2016.

Michelle Helm–

Mrs. Helm is usually known for her common sense. During the year of debate in 2014 as to whether the proposed Planned Parenthood curriculum was acceptable, there was hope she would be a voice of reason. That quickly went out the door when she announced “Planned Parenthood does so much good…”

This statement was made after many citizens had expressed concern about Planned Parenthood and its agenda. Obviously Mrs. Helm did not take the time to investigate the taxpayers’ concerns. If she had, common sense would prevailed and she would not have voted for the curriculum.

Keep in mind, Mrs. Helm is another registered Republican who voted for a liberal and dangerous agenda “for the children.”  She is up for re-election in 2016.


Moses Sanchez–

Mr. Sanchez was the lone voice who throughout the 2014 Sex Ed debate consistently questioned whether the proposed and re-written curriculum was medically accurate and the best option available.  Full disclosure, Mr. Sanchez is married to an OB/GYN.  He tapped into his wife’s knowledge and opinions about the curriculum.

In fact, when TUHSD delayed making a final decision part way through the year, it was decided they would contact some medical doctors in part to better explain the mechanics of an IUD.  When discussions resumed weeks later, the District stated they couldn’t find an MD to consult.

That’s weird, since Mr. Sanchez knows one personally.  (And at least one other community member gave the Board a name of a doctor to assist with this perplexing question.)


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