Ontario, Canada


Americans–>Stand up for Your Religious Views Before Canadian Policies Arrive

The fine people of Canada show a tremendous amount of patience as their government tramples on their values and schools, both public and private.  But now it’s time for our easy-going and polite neighbors to the north to put up some fight.  And while Americans watch, we can learn a thing or two about what is coming […]

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Peace, Ontario–An Update from Ontario, Canada

(From Phil Lees in Ontario, his take is relevant in the United States) Dear Concerned Faith Leadership:  ….fears of next steps are exactly what we have in Ontario Canada, and I thought I would share with you some strategies that we see are working.   The Ontario Ministry of Education has implemented a sex ed […]

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Wynne Comprehensive Sex Ed, Oh Canada!

  Thanks to a Canadian Twitter follower for sharing a very disturbing Comprehensive Sex Ed Curriculum in Ontario, Canada.  And thanks to Premier Kathleen Wynne for not giving up, even though there was loud public outcry in 2010 (sound familiar Charleston, SC?). Reviewing Wynne’s path into the schools, there are eerie parallels to the same […]

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