Gilbert, AZ

Those of you reading about Gilbert, AZ for the first time should know a little about this suburb of Phoenix.  It is a quiet community where families are important and crime is low.  There are new homes next to sprawling horse properties, while down the road a brand new LDS temple glistens in the sunlight.

Gilbert is growing quickly –family values and small government are two of the incentives.

For these reasons, it’s important for those in the East Valley of Phoenix pay attention to Gilbert.  They say if Texas goes, the USA goes.  I feel that way about Gilbert, AZ.  If  we don’t find family values and small (in comparison) government in Gilbert, we won’t find it anywhere in the Phoenix area.

Gilbert schools have to abide by Arizona law SB1009.  This law does not just apply to Health and Sex Ed classes, it applies to all classes and materials, including textbooks.  Gilbert has been in the news because a Biology book in use is not aligned with SB1009.

This controversy and decision came right before the 2014 election to fill seats on Gilbert’s School Board.  At the last minute, Planned Parenthood jumped to the rescue to save incumbent Jill Humpherys, who voted against complying with Arizona law.

The Gilbert situation is a microcosm of all schools.  As taxpayers, especially in states with pro-life and pro-adoption curriculum laws, we need to be addressing all the textbooks, videos, and curriculum in all subjects.

This is a huge effort and Planned Parenthood, publishers, and school districts depend on the parents having other obligations from sun up to sun down.  This is why we are joining together–many hands make light work and we WILL be vigilant.