Fairfax County, VA

Many working in the DC area choose to live in Fairfax County, VA because of the great schools.  But what happened at the Fairfax School Board meeting on June 25, 2015 is a microcosm of what is happening in schools across the United States.   And isn’t it ironic that the next day, just a few miles away, 5 individuals put their stamp of approval on gender identity curriculum by mandating what is impossible, what some call same-sex marriage.

The Fairfax County School Board did everything they could to ignore parents, and some say this new agenda may not even align with state standards.  Wait, isn’t that what happened in Tempe High Schools late last year?  It seems there is a one size fits all to be elected to public school boards.

Let’s give support to Elizabeth Schultz and Patty Reed who had the guts to go against the tide in Fairfax County and DC last week and turn down this controversial, dangerous curriculum.  Both of their terms expire at the end of 2015.  Elizabeth Schultz will be a target this fall, let’s support her campaign and for standing for the parents of Fairfax County.

Investigating the backgrounds and donors of the Board members who voted against the parents will take awhile, there are 10 of them.  We are  working on that now.


Hope For Fairfax County, Virginia

It has been awhile since we wrote about the controversial sex ed curriculum which was passed in Fairfax County, Virginia schools.  Not surprisingly, just miles from Washington, DC, the school board passed a dangerous curriculum.  This highly taxed area should have better representation. However, one parent could no longer sit back and wait for someone else to […]

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Fairfax County Board Members who Voted Yes on Gender Identity Curriculum

First, meet Megan McLaughlin. Ms. McLaughlin was endorsed by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. Not to paint every Democratic Party organization with the same pink brush, but odds are most support Planned Parenthood’s agenda and visa versa. Planned Parenthood was a key player behind opposing pro-life candidate Ken Cuccinelli for Lt. Governor in Virginia recently […]

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Tempe High School Board Stands on Heads to Protect Gender Views, but not Religious Views

They did it again.  Maybe Tempe Union High School Board members (TUHSD) could start a competition with the Fairfax County School Board about gender, gender equality, gender identity, gender assignment, perceived gender, etc.  What a surprise that “Planned Parenthood does so much good” Board Member Michelle Helm, who used to be a voice of reason, chimes in […]

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Gender Identity May Already Be at a School Near You

Over-taxed citizens in Fairfax County, VA are funding Gender Identity Education, whether they want to or not. And when the parents tried to attend a meeting about this curriculum their tax money was used to keep them out.  (The Delphi Technique lives.) Don’t think this is just happening in Virginia.  Watch the entire clip to […]

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