Creighton School District in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona has enacted many laws over the last several years to protect women and the unborn.  Also, in 2012 lawmakers passed a bill protecting Arizona’s public and charter school children from Planned Parenthood in their schools, or so they thought.

This law is known as SB1009.  It is simple, straightforward, and currently ignored by many school districts in Arizona.  Remember, this law applies not only to Sex Ed curriculum, but also health classes, textbooks, anatomy curriculum, literature choices, etc.  You get the picture.  It is a full-time job to monitor the goings-on in your child’s district.

But many hands make light work.  Let’s dive into Creighton Schools, located in a section of central Phoenix, just a few miles from where SB1009 came to be.

Planned Parenthood does not try to hide the fact that they are teaching and lurking in the Creighton District.  And Creighton is even a sponsor of Planned Parenthood workshops!

Creighton Schools feed into Camelback, North, and Central High Schools.  As of 2010, Planned Parenthood’s FLASH curriculum was being used in Camelback High.  This is before SB1009 in 2012.  We need to find out if the curriculum has been amended to comply with the law.

It’s time we start asking the Superintendent, School Board members, and Principals in the Creighton district if they are providing pro-childbirth and adoption materials and seminars to more than balance Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion agenda.

Click here for names and contact information for the school board.  Here is a map of Creighton’s boundaries–you may know someone who lives in the district, owns a business, or attends church nearby.

If anyone reading this lives in or would like to help educate Creighton Schools about SB1009, email

Update–On 6-29-15 I emailed the entire Creighton School Board mentioned they may be breaking the law by courting Planned Parenthood.  I have not received a response, but it is summer and July 4th weekend.  I will give them a little more time to respond.

Update–7-19-15  No response from Creighton Schools.  Time for another correspondence, except their Contact Page is down.  Hmm…..stay tuned.

Update–7-21-15  We called the Creighton District office asking if they would be continuing their relationship with Planned Parenthood in light of the undercover videos.  The receptionist put me through to a Superintendent’s voicemail.

Still no update–7-28-15, there has been no call returned.

7-31-15  Success!!  At least somewhat. talked to a curriculum director at Creighton regarding the District’s partnership with Planned Parenthood and whether Arizona SB1009 is being followed.  He will do some research and follow up by phone the first week of August.

8-5-15–Eric Dueppen, curriculum director, called and said they had very specific training for teachers.  He said they are aware of SB1009 (if so, then why the delay calling us back?)  He insists teaching sexuality does not include teaching abortion.

We know this is impossible since FLASH is Creighton’s curriculum.  There are four abortion clinics in Creighton’s geographical area.  It doesn’t seem Planned Parenthood’s sex ed is preventing pregnancy like they promise.

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