Arizona is lucky to have elected lawmakers who generally have taken into consideration parents and families when making decisions about laws related to education.

Arizona is a leader in school choice.  It’s not unusual to meet families who have their children in a variety of schools, some in public, another in charter, and another home-schooled.

This focus on parents’ choice, the idea that your children are still yours when they enter the school building, isn’t lost on those who enacted laws in Arizona relating to Sex Ed.  Center for Arizona Policy is a good resource for families to refer to for life issues and legislation.  Tip: When you vet your candidates in Arizona, ask them what they think of Center for Arizona Policy.  If they aren’t fond of CAP, it’s likely they will vote for legislation that is not pro-life and pro-family.

This  link from Center for Arizona Policy is a great reference for legal guidelines Arizona School Districts should be using for Sex Ed.  Odds are most districts either don’t know these laws or are ignoring them.

Arizonans, keep in mind your schools are not required to teach Sex Ed at all.  If a district chooses to teach Sex Ed, each district can control its own curriculum, as long as the material is legally compliant. Don’t fall for the Sex Ed Committee or School Board telling you they are following national standards or SIECUS.  Those are buzz words for Comprehensive Sex Ed.

Here are some of Arizona’s laws to protect children while in the school building:


Arizona parents must give consent to their schools before their child will be taught Sex Ed.  It used to be an opt-out situation, it is now opt-in.

The key is this consent must be given in advance for ANY sexuality materials, even those that are used in classes other than Health or Sex Ed.  Think about that–science, biology, physiology, English, literature.

This also means a parent can opt out of instruction they believe is harmful or may challenge the family’s beliefs or practices regarding sex, morality, or religion.

How many districts are consistently working in tandem with parents on textbook approval?  Are science teachers warning parents the anatomy textbook may contain information on birth control?  Does the birth control section of a textbook contain information on Natural Family Planning which is supported by the Catholic Church or just the options you may find at um…….Planned Parenthood?

I never looked at the material in my children’s high school library, have you?

ARS 34-501, 34-502

The recent explosion of technology in schools provides an avenue for explicit materials to enter the classroom.

Arizona students are protected by laws which require public schools to use internet filters to block material that is harmful to minors, including nudity and sexual content.  This statute was updated in 2012 to require online filters be installed for better protection from exposure to online pornography.

It is still up to parents to monitor this and speak up if you think there is an issue.


Simple and to the point:

Childbirth and adoption are to be preferred over abortion in all curriculum in Arizona public and charter schools.  This law is being broken currently in at least a few districts in Arizona.  If we parents and taxpayers reviewed all textbooks and materials in all subjects, I doubt any school district would pass.

Each school district’s Sex Ed curriculum should be reviewed and monitored by a group of interested parents to assure this law is being followed.

If you are a school district or a taxpayer in a school district in Arizona and you think your district is 100% compliant, please let us know.  We’d love to promote your district.

ARS 15-716

Parents can also opt-out of AIDS instruction.  Is this covered in any of your districts’ science or health textbooks?

When discussing AIDS in the classroom, Arizona schools cannot promote a homosexual lifestyle as normal or teach that there are safe methods of homosexual sex.

However, as we speak, schools in Arizona and around the country are bending over backwards to accommodate alternative lifestyles. This will be addressed in another post in the near future.  For now, be aware of GLSEN, gender-neutral, and inclusive language that allows for LGBT possibilities.  Will we let the schools hijack the English language?  Remember when two weeks off at the end of the year was called Christmas Vacation and now it’s Winter Break (except in my house.)

More to come.

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