You will not find negative information about Comprehensive Sex Ed in the mainstream media, your child’s textbooks, or in Hollywood.  If you question your child’s teachers or administration, you will be marginalized and your child may feel the results in class.  You will feel alone.  You may lose friends.  You will be told to mind your own business and keep your religious views to yourself.  If your children are grown you will told these issues are none of your business even though you are still paying taxes to support the schools.

You are not alone.  When the community is properly educated about Comprehensive Sex Education and Planned Parenthood’s true role in society, you and your neighbors will be in the majority.  Please use this website to share information and tips as we navigate through School Board meetings, curriculum, etc.

As local school board elections draw near, we will post information voters can use to aid in electing candidates who will keep our kids safe from CSE, and visa versa.  If you have information to share regarding your local candidates and/or district, click here.

Below are some informative websites. These will offset what the MSM wants you to hear and you will quickly realize you have a network of fellow citizens to draw from.