Reading, PA Superintendent has Previous Ties to Planned Parenthood

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If a program is so great, there is no reason for a government or school district to hide the plans from their constituents.  Many have been in an uproar because the Reading School District will be voting on June 28th to put a Planned Parenthood clinic inside the high school.  It appears this came out of nowhere; the news seemed to hit the airwaves in late May, just before the initial Planned Parenthood vote was to take place.  In fact, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation just found out about the pending clinic in the last several weeks.

The local media is trying to cover for Planned Parenthood as best they can by referring to the clinic as a “health center.”  Why is that?

The possibility of Reading Schools interacting with Planned Parenthood has been brewing, however.  The writing was on the wall with the hire of Dr. Khalid Mumin as Reading’s superintendent in 2014 .  Dr. Mumin was previously hired by Caroline School District in Maryland as superintendent in May of 2011, a position he held before the Reading job.

Dr. Mumin started his job at Caroline Schools on July 1, 2011, and only one month after he announced he planned to partner with Planned Parenthood according to MyEasternShoreMD.


Caroline School District is allowing a Planned Parenthood representative in their schools to talk to the kids? Who approved that?  Do the parents know?  Has Ms. Wallace had a background check?  What is she telling the kids?

Check any Planned Parenthood website and you’ll find a link to “education.”   Maryland’s takes education a step further.  The Planned Parenthood Maryland page has a link called ” Resources for Students Doing School Projects.” Remember how Planned Parenthood always tells us they are not all about abortion?  This school project link has five references to abortion in one page, and this is considered a resource for Maryland kids who are getting “educated” by a Planned Parenthood representative in the schools.  Notice the first thing the kids see is how to schedule an appointment.


Now Dr. Mumin is in Reading, and in his own words to the Omaha World-Herald he shared that his new community is not well off.  Also, a majority are Latino.  No better way to eliminate that problem than hook the kids up with Planned Parenthood.  This is another example of Planned Parenthood setting up shop in minority neighborhoods.  It sounds a bit racist, but that is Planned Parenthood’s history.

It’s no wonder Dr. Khalid Mumin is putting up no fight against Planned Parenthood in Reading Schools. Reading better catch up to his Maryland district.  And the rest of us know this pending school clinic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with abortion.





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