Raquel Teran, Abortion, El Salvador, and China?

The Arizona State Legislature has become a stage for many to gain attention, political connections, and camera time. Thankfully many of these bad actors do not represent the good residents of Arizona. Nonetheless, they hold a seat and a microphone. During the Corona Virus shutdown many hoped the Capitol and surrounding buildings would get a good spiritual cleansing, but that didn’t happen.

So what is new with Planned Parenthood employee and Legislative District 30 Representative Raquel Teran? She is still busy at work since Planned Parenthood stayed open while other medical practices were asked to stop elective surgeries. No worries. Some people want to be elected to office to defend the Constitution and others want to win an elected office to make money. Representative Teran falls into the second category.

Remember when Teran sponsored the bill to kill babies born alive back in early 2019? At the same time, Ms. Teran was filing this document about her income from, who else, Planned Parenthood.

This Spring the Arizona Legislature took some time off; evidently they didn’t even deem themselves “essential.” That gave them an opportunity to drum up some campaign donations. Before you know it, it will be time to install campaign signs, do door-knocking, and host meet and greets, so the money better be there for all these activities. We are sure the overreaching Corona lockdown will be lifted completely just in time for campaign events, even for “non-essential” workers like the Arizona Legislature.

Raquel Teran doesn’t have the war chest like some of her pals at the Capitol. Word is she should have a very good chance of winning her reelection campaign regardless. But she has received some telling donations. One is from Arizona List, Arizona’s premier lobbying organization that supports abortion-loving female candidates. (Isn’t that sexist?)

How come Teran only got $500? Tempe City Council’s recent winner, Doreen Garlid, scored $5000 from the sexist organization. Well, times are tough due to the layoffs from the never-ending lock down. Garlid should count her blessings the Tempe election was held just days before Corona Virus hit the fan. No worries though for Representative Teran. Pam Grissom, the Board Chair of Arizona List coughed up $500 recently to partially fill the gap.

Most of Teran’s donations are small, many looking like grassroots support. We give her credit there. Arizonans don’t like to see their local representatives funded by out-of-state donors, especially big donors. So what is this $1000 from a physician in northern California? Why does this doctor care about a seat in the Arizona Legislature?

Here’s the story. Dr. Karla Jurvetson is a very wealthy Democrat donor in her spare time. She is also on the board of Emily’s List, a national lobbying group which supports pro-abortion female candidates (more sexism?)

Hopefully the women practice social distancing at the big 35th birthday party. Meanwhile, Dr. Jurvetson is keeping her eye on the abortion lobby in Arizona. Her $1000 donation to Raquel Teran not only helps Teran’s campaign, but also provides job security.

But wait, there’s more! Ironically because we haven’t heard enough about China lately, Teran’s donation has a tie to China! Frontpage Mag has an interesting article about big donors in the San Francisco area and their sex parties. We are linking it here, but will also screenshot the article with some highlights in case the tech censors hovering in the United States and elsewhere take it down.

Representative Raquel Teran is quite an international candidate. In November 2019, she traveled to El Salvador for a conference about abortion bans. Do her constituents know what she is doing? Is this why they elected her?

It’s hard to imagine every minute of every day being devoted to demanding abortion and the destruction of women and children. What kind of mind thinks that way? This is Teran’s reality, however. It is completely unproductive and does nothing for the common good. We’ve seen the anger at “womens” marches oozing from the mouths of Hollywood, like Busy Phillips and Ashley Judd. But why look to Hollywood? Check out the hate and anger spewing from Arizona LD 26’s Representative Athena Salman in this video from a year ago at the Arizona capitol. It gets especially testy around the 2:50 mark as the #StopTheBans posters wave in the wind. Maybe for the next hate rally Raquel Teran can provide the #StopTheBans signs in Spanish as a tribute to her trip to San Salvador.

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