Planned Parenthood’s Easy Access to Students Through Online Learning in Arizona

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While Governor Doug Ducey (R?) of Arizona pretends to care about the health of Arizona residents during these “Covid Times”, we have looked into some programs he has signed on to fund which are actually dangerous to children’s health.

We are worn out watching Governor Ducey stumble through press conference after press conference while knowing every time he speaks local Mom and Pop restaurants suffer the consequences. It’s a good thing the Corona Virus wasn’t around when he was selling ice cream, his Cold Stone Creamery stores may have had to close.

Guess what is open for business in Arizona, with Governor Ducey’s and the Arizona Legislature’s blessings: Sex for minors. What timing. Schools are closed, extra curricular activities are deemed too dangerous, city programs are canceled, gyms were closed then opened with restrictions but they might be targeted to close again, and the same with movie theaters and playgrounds. To Governor Ducey’s credit, he left churches alone but unfortunately most church leaders used his remarks to close their buildings and shut down services and programs at a time when families needed them most. As a result, Arizona kids are now stuck inside of the house in front of a bleak, faceless screen and told this is the new normal.

Arizona’s child sexualization starts in a very simple way. This email was sent out on December 1st by Tracy Pedrotti:

Arizona Department of Health Services, the same bureaucracy that is chasing Arizonans down to test them for Corona Virus. Back to that later. We remember Ms. Pedrotti from a previous post. We have some updates to the linked post from four years ago. We heard Ms. Pedrotti ended up not going to the sex conference in New Jersey, we don’t know the reason. (Why was the money budgeted in the first place?) Also, we received a phone call from then Maricopa County Department of Health physician Dr. Bob England. He tried to deny there was any problem. Our guess is the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors told him to call so the Republican controlled Board wouldn’t have to address their sex ed spending. And finally, look at the five Maricopa County Supervisors at the bottom of the post linked above. Three are still in office and are embroiled in the controversy over certification of the 2020 election results. Political webs are sticky.

We know there is grant money flowing from the federal government. It just doesn’t end, although the swamp is not just in Washington, DC. Why is a Republican-led legislature administering programs which promote promiscuity? The Arizona Family Health Partnership is an umbrella for all sorts of organizations that are labeled reproductive care.

Much of the time “reproductive health care and education” means abortion. The Arizona Family Health Partnership provides a link to its partners. Look what is on page four:

Every time “family planning” is involved, so are abortion rights.

We pulled up some recent 990s to see how the money is flowing into and out of Arizona Family Health Partnership. Click here to see the financials from 2018.

We found similar grant money being funneled to Planned Parenthood in 2016 and 2017. Planned Parenthood received a little over two million dollars in 2016:

Of course Planned Parenthood got a little more money in 2017:

Check out SexFYI that was referenced in Tracy Pedrotti’s email above. Governor Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ are constantly telling us they are concerned with public health. Are they serious? Click on the link called “Bedsider” under Links You’ll Love. Warning, it’s not about where to buy sheets or pillows.

While parents are at work or working from home in another room in the house, their children are being bombarded through their computer with information to get online birth control and when it fails they can do a quick search for where to get that abortion.

Do Governor Ducey and Dr. Cara Christ know about these online delivery services for birth control? Are the children being seen by a doctor before altering their hormones and engaging in promiscuity? Is this what public health is about Dr. Christ?

Of course Planned Parenthood can’t let a crisis go to waste. It is easier to access children on-line rather than through the classroom because when Planned Parenthood wants to come into a school district, they meet opposition. But with the kids at home looking at a screen, the abortion giant can backdoor their “services” right through the computer since children are now attached to their devices like a parasite. Is this why the teachers unions are pushing for schools to stay closed?

There is so much irony in the behavior of our state government right now. Governor Ducey is constantly recommending we get Covid tested. We know he has a financial interest in the process. One of the side effects is the government will have a whole lot of information on Arizona residents once they test positive. Reports from those who are told they have Covid is the county health departments don’t leave them alone and want to know who they have had contact with. But if an Arizona child wants birth control or an abortion, both life-altering decisions, it can be kept a secret. Arizona Family Health Partnership is vague as to whether STD results will be reported to the health department.

Does the Arizona Legislature know what they are approving to be administered? Does anyone ask any questions when grant money is awarded? The 2021 Arizona Legislature will likely ignore these concerns. They will be immersed in Covid-related issues and the 2020 election so the general public will be distracted as to what is really going on with their tax money and virtual learning. While Republicans look the other way, Democrats should be content GOP leadership at the Capitol keeps the money flowing to the big business of sexualizing children.

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