Planned Parenthood Abortion Quota$ Continue During Corona Virus

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We have heard of talking out of both sides of your mouth. Planned Parenthood Arizona continues to defy guidelines suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and local officials, while panicking patients who walk through their pink doors into having an abortion.

Throughout the Corona Virus hysteria, it has been recommended Americans social distance to limit the spread of the disease. We have heard to keep a six foot distance from one another until we are blue in the face. Planned Parenthood Advocates lays it all out right here.

Many doctors have reduced their patient load for the time being. Not only does that limit how much contact patients and staff are exposed to, but it reduces the use of medical products which may be needed in hospitals to care for severely ill patients. We have been warned about the Corona Virus ultimately putting a strain on the state’s healthcare system. While patients in Arizona are waiting for surgeries and other diagnostic procedures, Planned Parenthood continues aborting babies. Never let a crisis go to waste.

As usual, Planned Parenthood plays by its own rules. Despite recommendations all elective surgeries be canceled, Planned Parenthood is using the virus to scare women into having abortions, telling them this is their best solution under the circumstances. Democrats and their allies in the media tells us Planned Parenthood SHOULD receive government funding because the abortion mill is a necessary healthcare provider for women. But here is a screenshot from Planned Parenthood Arizona’s website on April 18, 2020.

Planned Parenthood calls itself a healthcare facility rather than an abortion mill. But they are turning away patients who may be sick. On August 14, 2019, Bryan Howard, President of Planned Parenthood Arizona, told a Phoenix courtroom they treat patients for limited primary care like strep throat or asthma. Could any of the symptoms for which Planned Parenthood turns women away be strep throat or asthma Mr. Howard?

The three Planned Parenthood Arizona clinics which provide abortion (Glendale, Tempe, and Tucson) are under tremendous pressure to achieve their well-known abortion quotas, even through the Corona Virus. Parking lots have been packed with patients’ cars in the front and staff members’ cars in the back.

The Glendale clinic’s abortion quota runs about 35 abortions/day. That does not include other procedures for which women may visit the clinic. The administrators at Planned Parenthood Arizona’s main office in Phoenix, some whom have the luxury of working at home, don’t seem to mind their clinics being packed with staff and patients, as long as they are seeking abortions.

At various times in the Tempe parking lot on a recent Saturday there were anywhere from 25-28 cars. That represents at least that many individuals inside, which is a lot of people in close quarters in the approximate 4200 sf building. Not only that, but the doctors named in last year’s $3 million judgement against Planned Parenthood are still working for the organization. The administrators of Planned Parenthood Arizona continue putting patients at risk during the Corona Virus, and at the same time they are putting their own staff and physicians at risk, all for the almighty dollar.

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