Paradise Valley Superintendent Sides with Sexual Perverts

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When parents send their little darlings off to the local public school, little do they know how deep the indoctrination goes. It is no wonder aptitude scores are down; there is so much focus on politics and agendas instead of academics. Unfortunately, most of the politics has nothing to do with the teaching of skills which will result in success in life, and oh by the way, landing a job.

On Thursday night, the superintendent of Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) aligned himself with lobbyists instead parents. In the video below, a representative of Community Legislative Agenda laid out her agenda.

During this same week, several bills were passed by the Arizona Legislature (of course along partisan lines) which protect children from wicked adults who prey on families. As we wait to see if Governor Doug Ducey will sign them, PVUSD made it clear they don’t want to abide by any mandates coming down from the legislature.

With regard to a bill that would expand Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), if parents don’t like the obscene material in books assigned at Horizon High School and they want explore other options, they are on their own with the costs. Competition leads to better results and PVUSD does not want any competition because fewer students results in reduced funding for the district.

Those we elect to the Arizona Legislature regularly make a mess of things, with the aid of overpaid and powerful lobbyists. Arizona must have an abundance of lobbyists ready to swing into action because Paradise Valley Unified School District just announced to the community on Thursday night they are also using lobbyists to drive education policy in the district. Listen to Superintendent Dr. Bales in the following clip.

If lobbyists are so vital to the district, why is there an elected governing board? Why pay an expensive Superintendent? How does the district consider itself local if lobbyists are hired? Lobbyists answer to their donors, which could be from anywhere in the country and any industry. What about parents who elected the governing boards, do they have any input?

Arizona residents who voted for their state legislators are also overwhelmed by the amount of bills dropped at the Arizona Legislature each year, the bill numbers, status, hearings, amendments, etc. Parents can’t hire anyone to track legislation while they work and raise a family. Why should a school district? The current system is completely top down, just the opposite of how our government was set up. We have a Deep State not just in the federal government, but also in local school districts.

Dr. Bales expressed his concern with SB1211, a curriculum transparency bill which PARENTS have been working on for years.

Dr. Bales whines about the extra work required for teachers to post curriculum. Don’t they already have documentation of what they will be teaching and the materials to be used as they write their lesson plans? Why would teachers want to keep the materials private? Could it be some teachers are sneaking materials in through the backdoor, materials which they have acquired from professional development workshops, thus avoiding confirmation by the governing board? It was just reported that math problems with references to sexual assault and prostitution were assigned at a Gilbert Public School. As usual, the Gilbert Public School District has remained pretty closed-lipped. Parents know these events occur and that is why SB1211 was developed.

Not long ago, a parent in Scottsdale learned from her son that the same-sex promoters at GLSEN were sneaking sexual material and meetings with students at Cocopah Middle School where he attends. According to AZ Free News, Scottsdale Unified School District was not forthcoming with information. Again, parents know SB1211 is needed, why can’t Superintendent Bales support them?

Ironically, some teachers have plenty of time to circumvent statutes and are happy to share how with other colleagues. Maybe teachers could spend time posting their planned curriculum instead of crafting how to break laws.

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  1. Deanna L Short March 30, 2022 at 5:16 pm #

    I’m so sick of so many teachers thinking that they can just teach “whatever” to people’s children!

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