Paradise Valley Fat Cats Funding Planned Parenthood in Phoenix’s Creighton Schools

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The ties between Creighton Schools and Planned Parenthood go beyond an enthusiastic school board.  There is a pot of money funding the endeavor and its source is a wealthy Paradise Valley couple.

Peter Bidstrup and his wife, Regina, run the Bidstrup Foundation.  Mr. Bidstrup was a partner with Doubletree Hotels.  He and his wife have given to noble causes, one of them being Crisis Nursery, which protects Arizona children from abuse and neglect.

There is a problem.  The Bidstrups pattern of helping vulnerable children stops when they write a check to Planned Parenthood.  The following is a quote from Planned Parenthood Arizona’s “Special Report on Sex Education.”


The Bidstrups have been involved with Planned Parenthood for awhile.  Here is a shot of the Foundation’s tax return from 2004 showing a modest donation designated for education:

pp bidstrup donation

And here is the 2008/9 Planned Parenthood Arizona annual report.

pp annual report

Did anybody else notice in the above list the City of Phoenix donated quite a bit of money to Planned Parenthood? (sigh….)

It doesn’t look like the recession affected the Bidstrups.  Take a look at the entry from their 2013 Foundation’s tax form:

pp bidstrup 2013

Education programs–Vicki Hadd-Wissler must be breathing a sigh of relief.  As parents rise up against Planned Parenthood in schools, she has a gravy train of federal tax dollars and wealthy donors to sign her paychecks.

We constantly hear there isn’t enough money going to education.  Wouldn’t it be nice if wealthy people like the Bidstrups donated their fortune to the true needs of the classroom and teachers?

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