Exciting News for Parents in the United States

Good things take time, and finally we can announce a huge step towards protecting children from Planned Parenthood and sexualization, especially while they are in school.  As you know, NotInOurSchools began in Arizona when residents of Tempe were lied to and deceived by their high school governing board and superintendent over whether Planned Parenthood was welcome […]

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Your Tax Money Advertises for Planned Parenthood Candidates

We hear so much about dark money pouring into the political process.  Both sides of the political spectrum blame the other for those mysterious contributions to buy advertising during prime time and influence elections.  Political non-profits are not legally bound to reveal their donors.  Super PACs are legally required to disclose their donors, but they […]

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Great Hearts Caves

August 26, 2018 update: Great Hearts parents are hearing that Erik Twist is denying the story published on KJZZ.com two days ago.  We are hoping Mr. Twist provides a clear statement on what is going on at the school.  We are also told he has a record of traditional values so to this point has […]

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School Begins, Start the Unauthorized Experiments on Your Kids

There is clearly too much money flowing into the education system.  Yes, there is too much money flowing into the education system.  If adults who “care” really want to teach children and prepare students to survive in the world, they would use their free-flowing money, resources, and time on actual school subjects like math, reading, […]

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Flagstaff School Presents Gender Bread Lesson, Parents Weren’t Consulted

It’s not a secret Arizona has a plethora of pro-family, pro-child common sense laws on the books.  This is one reason the state is under attack this fall in the midterm elections.  Arizona’s current laws exist to guide public schools during their curriculum decisions and they have allowed for an abundance of school choice which is exposing the demise of the […]

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The United States of America, Land of the Free, Home of Planned Parenthood

There was a time when students attended Civics classes in the United States and learned about the three branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  These branches are supposed to be equal, although there is discussion about whether that occurs in practice.  Regardless, the responsibilities of the Judicial Branch are very specific according to the […]

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Arizona’s Pro-Family Curriculum Laws are Made to be Broken

We have learned of some crazy decisions by various governments lately which undermine the children and family while simultaneously make no sense.  In April, a Pennsylvania school showed LBGTQ videos to students but forbid their parents from seeing those videos.  Just recently, Fairfax County Schools adopted a radical sex ed program which satisfies GLSEN rather than […]

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Pro-Life Arizona Legislature Candidate’s Barebone Campaign

We have regularly documented how much more cash Planned Parenthood candidates normally have for campaigns than pro-lifers.  The money flows from Planned Parenthood’s PAC, the abortion provider’s supporters, and also directly from Planned Parenthood employees.  None of that is illegal.  The money is available from we, the taxpayers, for Planned Parenthood to spend so they […]

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Condom University, AKA The University of Arizona

After noticing some Free Condom Friday advertisements on each table in the University of Arizona’s Student Union last fall, we tried to obtain some additional information.  Ironically, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had also noted the extra-curricular condom activities taking place at some of Arizona’s universities; he referenced just that in a speech in January […]

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