The Hub of the Globalists: Maricopa County

Part 1, in the beginning: This Arizona update will be different than the past. We are always trying to connect the dots and follow the money. What we are exposing today consists of many levels of many governments, and it is overwhelming to absorb. It is no accident Covid occurred in the year 2020, the […]

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More Deep State in Arizona via the Arizona Legislature

Tuesday morning clarification 4-19-22: When we refer to the questions around the November 2020 election, this website is focusing on down-ballot races. Notice the Republicans did all they could to protect their own seats in the Arizona Legislature and Maricopa Board of Supervisors by saying the right things during their respective campaigns. Of course, all […]

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Tempe Unified High Schools Begin Re-Education Camp

This website started because Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) wasn’t real keen on following Arizona law back in 2013. That is when the district, led by Tempe’s Pink Boy David Schapira, tricked the public into thinking he had no involvement in this illegal move. Although AZCentral sent a reporter to each meeting, the coverage […]

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Planned Parenthood’s Deceptive “Safety” Protocols

Arizona’s largest group of abortion chambers celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a nifty fundraiser held in both Tucson and Phoenix titled “Abortion is Essential.” Abortion really is essential or Planned Parenthood management may lose their jobs if they don’t sell enough, like Dr. Leana Wen did just a few years ago. The former Planned Parenthood […]

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Arizona: Stop Blaming the Democrats!

While most in the United States consider Arizona a “Red” state, those who live here know that isn’t the case. Well, it the case if the views and practices of individual households are evaluated. But for some reason, that isn’t translating to who is elected to office to represent these households. We assume this is […]

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Mesa Residents: Senator Tyler Pace Does Not Represent You

We all know Planned Parenthood and its affiliates creatively find any way they can to influence children (the children who escape those pink walls). We have been documenting government money funneled to sex ed and adult material which is downloaded through children’s devices unbeknownst to their parents. The child predators are still taking full advantage […]

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