Nevada’s Dynamic Duo–>Reid and Ableser

No, it’s not a new comedy act in Las Vegas.

Fortunately for taxpayers in LD 26 in Tempe/West Mesa, Arizona, Legislative Representative Ed Ableser has decided to resign his post to take a new job opportunity in Nevada.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ableser will be able to impose more damage on Nevada’s kids in his new position as the head of the Nevada Department of Education Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment.  That’s such a mouthful it must be a made to order position, paid for by taxpayers, of course!

Is it a surprise that taking God out of schools over 50 years ago and eliminating references to the 10 Commandments has led us to instead create a needless position in government that is pushed by, surprise, Planned Parenthood and the gay agenda?  As a matter of fact, Ed Ableser was bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood during his campaigns in Arizona.  Mr. Ableser’s Planned Parenthood bio has more falsehood’s and misleading statements than even his mentor, David Schapira, can come up with.

Keep an eye on these anti-bullying campaigns.  Notice in this article gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity are protected at Oregon’s Meadow Park Middle School.  What about religion?  Will the Christian kids get to sing “Silent Night” at the Christmas concert?  Can a Catholic student make the Sign of the Cross before lunch without being reprimanded?  I repeat, if we had an occasional reference to God in schools we wouldn’t need another layer of government to tell us how to behave, who we can hire/fire, and whether or not we have to bake a cake.


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