Meet the Truth Behind Nadia Mustafa and Cave Creek’s LGBTQ Push

If the community truly supports the LGBTQ agenda, oral and anal sex, and homophobic labels being taught during public school hours to young children, they wouldn’t share information with us about the cast members behind the scenes of the controversial vote by Cave Creek Unified Schools on Monday, April 8, 2019.

Here is a great bio of Ms. Nadia Mustafa, the parent who wants her daughter to partake in oral and anal sex plus masturbation lessons at a young age in the public classroom.

A couple comments.  Notice Scottsdale’s Diversity Czar Mustafa is backed by the Arizona ACLU.  The ACLU is aiding those who are bullying GreatHearts Academy to empathize with bathroom needs of trans students.  According to her bio, Ms. Mustafa has chosen not to marry the father of her children.  Of course she is not required to, but that explains why Cave Creek School District is not following Arizona statute that monogamous marriage be promoted in public and charter schools over a homosexual lifestyle.  Talk about shoving your own values down others’ throats.

How can Ms. Mustafa allow her daughter to learn that the traditional norm in a well-functioning society is marriage?  No, the law must be broken to cover Mustafa’s own choices.

Those who live in Scottsdale are generally happy with their place of residence and those who aren’t are free to move.  No, instead ACLU pal Mustafa writes an article to point out Scottsdale is too white.  This is simply a deep-seeded hatred for the United States, her history, and the values our country was founded on.  You know what?  If it’s so bad here–too white, too Christian, or too free–those who disrespect Judeo-Christian values should move to another country instead of ruining our school children in the process.

Cave Creek Schools Governing Board Meeting

April 8, 2019  6PM

33016 N. 60th St.

Cave Creek, AZ 


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