Governor Ducey Approves Sexual Grooming of Children

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Yesterday we mentioned Governor Doug Ducey vetoed a bill which would have not only mandated curriculum transparency but also protected children in kindergarten though fourth grade from being exposed to sex ed taught by a stranger. We planned to address his surprise veto in a future post. However, this article does it for us. Pay special attention to the first paragraph Governor Ducey because he is talking to you.

Thank you to the Education Action Network and Protect Arizona Children Coalition for their never-ending work protecting children. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they work from their heart and not for a payoff.


One Response to Governor Ducey Approves Sexual Grooming of Children

  1. Harry Mathews May 2, 2021 at 3:33 am #

    The way this so called “Sex Ed” is presented to children, causes children to be objectified and create the impression on them that they are merely sex objects to adults. YIKES! What demon from the 7th Circle of Hell came up with this?

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