EBSCO Strikes Again, but in Indiana it is Called “INSPIRE”

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We have been sharing the news about EBSCO, a school library database in use around the country which has links to obscene material and material which is illegal to be used in schools in some states.  Parents in Indiana did their own research and found their schools are using “INSPIRE”, a branch of EBSCO.  Best of all, their Indiana state tax dollars are paying for INSPIRE so porn can be solicited directly to their children.

Below is a fantastic video produced by the Indiana Liberty Coalition.  Once again, great job by the grassroots!  As they say in the video, the schools probably have no idea what they are contracting for when they choose EBSCO or INSPIRE.

Taxpayer funded porn in Indiana school databases.

Taxpayer funded Porn: Is it supported by your school? Do your school administrators even know about this? We have contacted some who were HORRIFIED. Do the lawmakers know what they paid for?Parents, YOU are in control. It is up to YOU to research and keep guard over your child's education. In this video, Rhonda and I expose a taxpayer funded database called Inspire/Ebsco all over the state.You NEED to know about this. Some schools have stated that they have filters in place, and parents need not be worried. GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Because it is a database, the filters work differently. In fact we personally tested several schools and got the same websites. The filters didn't work. We have seen amazing administrations immediately pull the entire site from their schools. It is up to YOU to dig into what your district is doing. Don't just assume it is filtered if they say it is. GO INTO your schools and try it for yourself. Also note… just because there is a filter on your school… if your school endorses this on their web site… the kids assume it is approved. The filters don't follow your child home. Our job as the Indiana Liberty Coalition is to educate and empower you. The responsibility falls on YOU to protect your kids.

Posted by Indiana Liberty Coalition on Monday, October 29, 2018

These parents reside in the same state as the Kinsey Institute.  If you haven’t heard of Kinsey, the quickest summary is Alfred Kinsey is the father of sexualizing children in the 20th century.  Dr. Judith Reisman has spent most of her life exposing him.  Congratulations to these Indiana mothers who are looking right in the face of the Kinsey Institute and not taking it anymore.


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