Common Core, Planned Parenthood, Bill Gates, Monsanto on the Local Level

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The goal of this website is to stick to the issue of Planned Parenthood and Comprehensive Sex Ed in the classroom.  There are numerous problems in government schools, kindergarten through college, and covering them all is an endless task.

We must address Common Core, at least as it relates to Planned Parenthood, and it does relate.  Perhaps all the talk of the standards, the government takeover, and testing is a distraction so we don’t uncover other dangerous information.

The web of the Department of Education, Common Core, and Planned Parenthood is huge and we will continually be uncovering more information.  National Standards are not constitutional but as long as the Department of Education exists, this monster will continue.

Here’s a brief article describing some extra curricular activities and a book your 8-year old might bring home.

Don’t forget Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation.  Mr. Gates doesn’t stop at funding abortion, he’s also involved with messing with the world’s food supply through Monsanto.  Read this article and you will see why he is trying to play God.

These ties affect every public school district it seems, you know that if you’re concerned enough to be reading websites like this.  A continual disappointment on the local level is the Districts’ refusal to listen to parents about the dangers of Common Core.  The administrators seem resigned to go with the flow.  Common Core is here to stay, we may as well move on with it.  (Administrations see $$$ from the Feds, known to some as free money, and they just can’t say NO.)

Remember, the D or R next to a person’s name means nothing, especially at the local level.  Case in point, Michelle Helm (R) of the Tempe Union High School District, who voted YES for Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed curriculum in 2014.

Full disclosure, I voted for Mrs. Helm yet look at her bio; there is no indication she had any concerns about Common Core, its data mining, or the curriculum which has ties to Planned Parenthood.  I guess the lesser of other evils?  But that is no excuse anymore.  We must set the bar higher and demand better of those running for office.




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