Christmas in August, There are More Pro-Life Democrats in Politics: Hernandez, Cantu, and Chavez in West Phoenix

We remember the unbelievable scene at the 2012 Democratic Convention when God had to beg to be put in the Party platform.  Couple that with the Planned Parenthood take over of the current White House and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.   Is every Democrat pro-abortion?  Is every female Democrat politician in support of hurting women?  And what about the Democrat Latinos, do they no longer support family values, despite their tradition?

The media has led us to believe all of the above, but thankfully the mainstream media is wrong again.  On Phoenix’s west side, there are three strong, pro-life Latinos running for seats in the Arizona legislature.  Lydia Hernandez, Rosa Cantu, and Cesar Chavez are running on a slate to represent Legislative District 29.  Hernandez currently serves on the Cartwright School Board and is running for a senate seat in this election cycle.  Cantu is also a member of the Cartwright School Board, and she and Chavez are hoping to win seats as Representatives in the Arizona legislature.

They have a problem, though.  Although the West Phoenix/Maryvale area is heavily Democrat, the shoe doesn’t fit according to the Democratic Party of Arizona.  All three candidates are proudly pro-life and that just won’t do.  The three incumbents in the district, while also Hispanic, have fallen for the Planned Parenthood garble and thus, they get the funds and are part of the big financial machine.  The Party has restricted the pro-life slate’s access to VAN, a voter registration tool use by Democrats.  So who is really connecting with LD29 voters if it took “dark money” to push Martin Quezada over the top in 2014, defeating pro-life Lydia Hernandez by only 90 votes?  That $8,000 from Planned Parenthood may have played a huge role in offsetting the personal contact of Hernandez who truly cares about her community.  The special interest pink money shows the desperation by the pro-abortion lobby to fill legislature seats with their own.  Because the media is complicit, the general public is not allowed to know the truth about Quezada and the other LD 29 incumbents, Ceci Velasquez and Richard Andrade.

NotInOurSchools has spent some time on Martin Quezada, now let’s take a look at the rest of his slate.  As we have hinted, Ceci Velasquez is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  And of course, one of her goals, spoon-fed to her by you-know-who is:

velasquez sex edSo, like her partners, Martin Quezada and Juan Mendez in LD26 (do we see a pattern here?), she states a very important goal–sex ed for kids in government schools.  However, she really doesn’t seem completely committed to Planned Parenthood’s mission in a further statement:

velasquez sonFirst of all, sex ed in schools is not a preventative measure, especially when taught by Planned Parenthood.  But then she goes on to say she does not regret having her son at a young age.  How did Planned Parenthood publish that…..woops.  Yay for Ms. Velasquez, at least he knows she is happy to have him.  However, she implies she could have delayed having her wonderful son.  Not really, there was one shot at him; she couldn’t have put him on layaway and purchased him when she got in her 20s.  Another twisted statement via Planned Parenthood.

And of course, the Catholic Church must be used to legitimize any Planned Parenthood support accepted by a Catholic candidate:

velasquez catholic

Yes, it’s important to bash the Catholic Church whenever possible.  The American Church itself may have some legal restrictions on whether they can endorse a candidate.  However, the parishes involved in LD 29 should take an active role in reminding their parishioners about the non-negotiables when voting in an election.  If the pastors at least do that, the choices of Hernandez, Cantu, and Chavez are a slam dunk and no tax violations will occur.  Click on the link below for guidelines Catholics should use when voting.

Finally, incumbent Richard Andrade also wears pink.  Readers, you passed the test, you know exactly what he says in his Planned Parenthood interview (yawn):

andrade ppMr. Andrade, support of Planned Parenthood’s anti-family agenda does nothing to help your community obtain a good education and jobs.

Legislative District 29 is heavily Hispanic.  Hispanics love their families.  And they love babies.  Their family values are a model for the country.  They work hard and take care of each other.  Voters in LD29, don’t let Planned Parenthood and its candidates squash your family values.  Get to know your pro-life Democrats Lydia Hernandez, Rosa Cantu, and Cesar Chavez.  Your choice is an easy one on August 30th.

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