Cave Creek Unified is Voting Again, But On What?

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When the anal and oral sex curriculum was tabled on April 8, 2019, Cave Creek Unified Schools’ attendees and community members knew the issue wasn’t over.  The governing board discussed reconvening a sex ed committee to revisit the changes that had been contemplated and plan how to move forward with a curriculum that covered the necessary material and aligned with state law.  There was also a comment made that only one current Cave Creek sex ed committee member was not a district employee; maybe the next committee could be more balanced.

Two days later the Arizona Legislature repealed the statute that protected school kids from potentially dangerous curriculum, but nevertheless, statements had been made by the governing board at the school board meeting and that is what parents and taxpayers had in their minds as they left that night.

Cave Creek Unified School District has been alerting parents over the last several weeks that there is another vote on the sex ed curriculum this Monday, May 13th at 6PM.  Some parents believe it is the same curriculum that was developed over the last year or so and the no longer have to worry about LGBTQ curriculum restrictions.  However, that is not the case.

On April 28th, it was noted that sex ed curriculum guru Cara Herkamp has made changes to the curriculum that was tabled three weeks earlier.  Interesting, that was a Sunday……why was she doing this “off the clock”?  Is it so nobody would see what she was doing?  The original sex ed committee did not meet about her changes.  There was no request by the district for a new sex ed committee as they had previously discussed.  Why is Ms. Herkamp fast-tracking this material and requesting a hasty vote again?  The school year is almost over, is there class time to waste on sex?  She had said on record professionals would be trained to teach the curriculum to the children, is this still the case?  And who are these “professionals”?  In April the governing board expressed concern when they were told changes had been made to the 2002 sex ed curriculum several years ago without their approval.  Why is Ms. Herkamp providing an encore?

This statement has been added to the Cave Creek sex ed power point files on April 28, 2019:

“All opinions are valued…”  Is this new curriculum medically accurate and scientifically-based?  How will the teachers stay on message and will they be required to?  Can teachers add their own opinions?  We heard at the April 8th meeting various opinions from Cave Creek teachers.  What will exactly be taught?  What if a teacher shares his or her opinion which may be Bible-based?  How will that go over with non-believers?

Since Cave Creek Unified is not telling parents what is in the pending sex ed curriculum, we will share the highlights with our readers.  This may be an opportunity for the governing board to get a taste of the material in case Ms. Herkamp hasn’t shared it with them, either.  These are a few of the slides to be shown to 6th grade girls, in other words 11 and 12-year olds.

Now that LGBTQ promotion is allowed in Arizona public and charter schools, your young children will be learning about anal intercourse. They will become comfortable with it even though cancer rates are higher with this choice. And why are young girls being exposed to anal intercourse?

Notice the reference to infants and sexual desire. This is so Planned Parenthood can share their sex ed for babies (whose mothers don’t step foot in their abortion clinics)  and get their agenda into the hands of day cares and preschools, especially government-run preschools like Tempe “Free” Preschool.

Anatomy and physiology are necessary topics, but this is pretty detailed for an 11-year olds  Some children are ready for this, others are not.  Many parents may want to teach this information in the privacy of their own homes.  Without making these slides accessible to the public, parents can’t make informed decisions about whether to opt their children in to these classes.  Cave Creek Unified has posted the curriculum objectives on its website but not these slides.

Here we go, GLSEN’s mandated “We are the victim” curriculum.  This slide clearly implies those who don’t approve of this content are homophobic and religious beliefs may be why.  Part of the strategy to control the students is to name-call those who are in disagreement and without any proof, so the believers are afraid to speak up in class.  Why is Cave Creek name-calling, something they are supposedly advocating against.  And criticizing religious beliefs is a crafty way to get between children and their parents. 

Now that Arizona’s political leaders did away with the 1991 law that mandated heterosexual relationships be taught as the preferred lifestyle, Cave Creek can have a free-for-all.  Notice heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual sex are treated as equal.  Regardless, this is heavy material for young girls.  This plants ideas in their heads that they don’t have the ability to fully understand yet.

The above slide Cave Creek Schools wants to share is diametrically opposed to those who have told us people are born gay.  Why the change? Is it to recruit new members to fund GLSEN and put Planned Parenthood candidates into office?

Partners”–notice there is no longer a need to support heterosexual relationships or marriage. What about those students who are being taught at home that marriage is the foundation of the family and solidifies society? What about the religious rights of those children?

More of the same–this material is taking up precious teaching time. Why aren’t Cave Creek parents and the governing board echoing what Arizonans are seeing on social media:  There is a constant demand for more resources in the classroom and higher teacher pay.  Shouldn’t this time and money being spent on sex be used on academics and to help teachers?

Ms. Cara Herkamp has not given parents, the community, nor the Cave Creek governing board the opportunity to examine the changes in the proposed sex ed curriculum–the changes made several years ago without approval, the changes made in the past year, and the changes made by soloist Herkamp with no oversight.  School administrators continue to claim the 2019 objectives have not changed since the 2002 objectives. Cave Creek Unified is not being truthful to the public.  We will be posting the changes in a subsequent post.

In the meantime, here is the information to attend and comment at the Cave Creek Unified School Board meeting:

May 13, 2019   6PM

33016 N. 60th St.

Cave Creek, AZ  85266



5 Responses to Cave Creek Unified is Voting Again, But On What?

  1. Benjamin Harris May 10, 2019 at 6:27 am #

    One thing the jumps out at me about all this is that CSE strips the child of their dignity and reduces sex to a technical biological procedure. There is a spiritual aspect to intimacy that cannot be easily explained. To hyper-sexualize children at such an early age, destroys any chance of them having a biblical marriage. There are no discussions about “abstinance until marrriage” and the potential benefits of that. This Comprehensive Sexualization Indoctrination sabotoges Christian teaching and sets children up to fail for their whole lives. It is simply tragic, destructive to society and dishonest. Aren’t there laws against adults leading children into self destuctive behaviors?

    • Peggy May 10, 2019 at 12:35 pm #

      Great point.

      Part of the goal of comprehensive sex ed curriculum, not teaching the Constitution and Founding Fathers, and taking God out of schools is to accomplish exactly what you said. It’s the Communist plan from long, long ago. Look up Bella Dodd. The anti-American, anti-God side is very patient so as to achieve their long-term goal to break down the USA. It is now coming to fruition quickly because they got the schools, media, and government under their control. This is why, whether you are religious or not, we as a society must protect all attacks on traditional families because the family is the vital cell of any society.

      We still have great laws in Arizona that should be protecting children. Our elected officials are too busy yacking about 20% raises for teachers and school funding. They’ll chase down what makes them look good in the media.


  2. Harry Mathews May 10, 2019 at 6:17 am #

    A few typos:
    Why is Ms. Herkamp providng an encore?
    Cave Creek Unified is are not being truthful to the public.

    • Peggy May 10, 2019 at 12:25 pm #

      Fixing now. It was quite late at night.

    • Peggy May 10, 2019 at 12:27 pm #

      You missed one. 🙂

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