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Dollars for Data

One of the easiest and under-the-radar opportunities to sneak obscene materials onto schoolchildren’s screens is through school or city library data bases. This has been occurring for years. Now that kids are forced to stare at computers most days since overpaid teacher union leaders tell us children are dangerous, our society needs to take a […]

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Many people move to or have remained living in large but quiet Mesa, Arizona due to the family and community values the city was founded on in 1878. These values seem to have worked well; Mesa is huge and has many residents and businesses. But some on Mesa City Council are driven by dark forces. […]

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Update on Porny AZ Legislator

After reading our original post, it didn’t take long for a reader to send us some information on porn-loving Arizona Representative Diego Rodriguez (D) from Legislative District 27. Representative Rodriguez has been asked about his Twitter porn in the past by a local news outlet. Here is an article by the Arizona Mirror and a […]

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Political Planned Parenthood

When we first started watching Planned Parenthood embark on its mission to befriend our local schools, we were concerned about cozy relationships being built between Abortion, (P)Inc. and minors, encouraged by our government teachers and administrators. Planned Parenthood has diversified right before our eyes. The “non-profit” has quickly soared into the political arena, and not […]

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The Bill and Melinda Gate$ Covid Vaccine

This post is simply to share some information that is being hidden from Americans. There is much controversy about the fast-tracked Corona Virus vaccine. Once again, we are being divided into tribes by the media, Big Tech, Big Education, and corporations. We are either for or against the vaccine. We are often told to “check […]

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Planned Parenthood’s Easy Access to Students Through Online Learning in Arizona

While Governor Doug Ducey (R?) of Arizona pretends to care about the health of Arizona residents during these “Covid Times”, we have looked into some programs he has signed on to fund which are actually dangerous to children’s health. We are worn out watching Governor Ducey stumble through press conference after press conference while knowing […]

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Satanists are Out of the Closet: It’s Abortions They Want

Little did we know when we posted the relationship between the Satanic Temple and Arizona State Representative Athena Salman the abortion lobby would back us up. Recently Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Unfortunately, many on the Left were more concerned about their future abortions than Justice Ginsburg’s soul or the loss her family, […]

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