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School Superintendents Caught in Planned Parenthood’s Crosshairs

Planned Parenthood wants to give the public the impression that district superintendents are embracing their presence in the school districts. While that’s true in some instances, it’s not true in every district. Just in the last few weeks, notinourschools has verified some superintendents in Arizona do not want Planned Parenthood around nor do they want to be backed into […]

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Marketing 101 by Planned Parenthood

There is an episode in the series “Everybody Loves Raymond” where Ray is in hot water because he didn’t prepare a toast for his brother’s wedding reception.  True to form, his mother caused a scene at the church and as Ray explained during his improvised toast, “Material sometimes presents itself.” Likewise with Planned Parenthood.  Of […]

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Tucson Unified School District is Laying the Groundwork for Planned Parenthood

As we reported, Tucson Unified School District has at least one sitting Board member who owes Planned Parenthood big time for her successful elections. Adelita Grijalva used Planned Parenthood’s endorsements and DC money via her father, Congressman Raul Grijalva, to snag a seat on Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) governing board. Why do we care about […]

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Planned Parenthood and GLSEN: Drop the “Medically Accurate” Buzzwords Because You’re Not

Every time Planned Parenthood goes door to door peddling their corrupt and perverted sex education curriculums they preface their sales pitch with the words “medically accurate.”  That sounds great for news clips and media talking heads who are either too lazy to research their statement or are directed by their higher ups not to confront the abortion […]

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Cameras Keep Kids Safe In Olympia Schools, Sort Of

Security cameras are everywhere these days.  Big Brother is watching, but when children are concerned, we want every option possible to keep the kids safe. There was a reported molestation incident by a bus driver employed by Olympia Schools in Washington earlier this month.  While the allegation is under investigation, the district has sent an email to parents […]

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Summer Camp the Olympia School District Way

Before getting into the meat of this article, keep in mind that many school districts refuse to allow anything having to do with religion on their campuses, especially if Christianity is involved.  Ask yourself if you have fallen for calling the time off at the end of December “Winter Break” instead of Christmas Vacation.  Schools […]

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Who’s the Bully Now, Planned Parenthood?

There is no doubt government-run schools have become indoctrination centers rather than community hubs to educate local youth.  Only certain opinions are allowed to be expressed.  And bullying IS allowed if those in charge are confronted with an opposing thought. Case in point, when Tempe Union High School’s administration was confronted by dozens of parents […]

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Parent is Kicked out of Child’s School by Planned Parenthood and Company

Last week we reported that Lincoln Options Elementary School in Olympia, Washington displayed an invitation  bribe to parents from Planned Parenthood inviting them to an evening all about puberty.  As requested, many parents and children showed up for the May 12th event (at $25/family). However, a parent who pays taxes to support Olympia Schools and Planned Parenthood was […]

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